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## Show that --radix combined with --print-file-name produces correct output.
RUN: echo one > %t
RUN: echo two >> %t
RUN: echo three >> %t
RUN: echo four >> %t
RUN: echo five >> %t
RUN: echo six >> %t
RUN: echo seven >> %t
RUN: echo eight >> %t
RUN: echo nine >> %t
RUN: echo ten >> %t
RUN: llvm-strings --print-file-name %t \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --check-prefix CHECK-NONE -DFILE=%t --implicit-check-not={{.}}
RUN: llvm-strings --print-file-name -t d %t \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --check-prefix CHECK-DEC --strict-whitespace -DFILE=%t --implicit-check-not={{.}}
RUN: llvm-strings --print-file-name -t o %t \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --check-prefix CHECK-OCT --strict-whitespace -DFILE=%t --implicit-check-not={{.}}
RUN: llvm-strings --print-file-name -t x %t \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --check-prefix CHECK-HEX --strict-whitespace -DFILE=%t --implicit-check-not={{.}}
CHECK-NONE: [[FILE]]: three
CHECK-NONE: [[FILE]]: four
CHECK-NONE: [[FILE]]: five
CHECK-NONE: [[FILE]]: seven
CHECK-NONE: [[FILE]]: eight
CHECK-NONE: [[FILE]]: nine
CHECK-DEC: [[FILE]]: 8 three
CHECK-DEC: [[FILE]]: 14 four
CHECK-DEC: [[FILE]]: 19 five
CHECK-DEC: [[FILE]]: 28 seven
CHECK-DEC: [[FILE]]: 34 eight
CHECK-DEC: [[FILE]]: 40 nine
CHECK-OCT: [[FILE]]: 10 three
CHECK-OCT: [[FILE]]: 16 four
CHECK-OCT: [[FILE]]: 23 five
CHECK-OCT: [[FILE]]: 34 seven
CHECK-OCT: [[FILE]]: 42 eight
CHECK-OCT: [[FILE]]: 50 nine
CHECK-HEX: [[FILE]]: 8 three
CHECK-HEX: [[FILE]]: e four
CHECK-HEX: [[FILE]]: 13 five
CHECK-HEX: [[FILE]]: 1c seven
CHECK-HEX: [[FILE]]: 22 eight
CHECK-HEX: [[FILE]]: 28 nine