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; Ensure that llvm-reduce doesn't try to remove the first BB of a
; function when the second BB has multiple predecessors, since that
; results in invalid IR. This issue was fixed by:
; RUN: llvm-reduce --delta-passes=basic-blocks --test %python --test-arg %p/Inputs/ -abort-on-invalid-reduction %s -o %t
define void @f(ptr %x0) {
%x2 = alloca ptr, i32 0, align 8
%x3 = alloca ptr, i32 0, align 8
br label %interesting1
; this block has 2 predecessors and can't become the entry block
%x5 = icmp ne ptr %x0, null
br i1 %x5, label %interesting2, label %interesting1
store ptr null, ptr null, align 8
br label %interesting3
ret void