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; RUN: llvm-reduce --delta-passes=functions --test FileCheck --test-arg --check-prefixes=INTERESTING --test-arg %s --test-arg --input-file %s -o %t
; RUN: FileCheck --check-prefixes=RESULT --input-file=%t %s
; FIXME: This testcase exhibits nonsensical behavior. The first
; function has blockaddress references. When the second function is
; deleted, it causes the blockreferences from the first to be replaced
; with inttoptr.
; INTERESTING: @blockaddr.table.other
; RESULT: @blockaddr.table.other = private unnamed_addr constant [2 x ptr] [ptr inttoptr (i32 1 to ptr), ptr inttoptr (i32 1 to ptr)]
@blockaddr.table.other = private unnamed_addr constant [2 x ptr] [ptr blockaddress(@bar, %L1), ptr blockaddress(@bar, %L2)]
; RESULT: define i32 @bar(
define i32 @bar(i64 %arg0) {
%gep = getelementptr inbounds [2 x ptr], ptr @blockaddr.table.other, i64 0, i64 %arg0
%load = load ptr, ptr %gep, align 8
indirectbr ptr %load, [label %L2, label %L1]
%phi = phi i32 [ 1, %L2 ], [ 2, %entry ]
ret i32 %phi
br label %L1
; RESULT-NOT: @unused
define void @unused() {
br label %exit
ret void