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; RUN: llvm-reduce --abort-on-invalid-reduction --delta-passes=ifuncs --test FileCheck --test-arg --check-prefixes=CHECK-INTERESTINGNESS --test-arg %s --test-arg --input-file %s -o %t
; RUN: FileCheck --check-prefixes=CHECK-FINAL --input-file=%t %s
; Check some cases that should probably be invalid IR don't break
; anything.
; CHECK-FINAL: @ifunc_with_arg = ifunc void (), ptr @resolver_with_arg
@ifunc_with_arg = ifunc void (), ptr @resolver_with_arg
define ptr @resolver_with_arg(i64 %arg) {
%cast = inttoptr i64 %arg to ptr
ret ptr %cast
; CHECK-INTERESTINGNESS: define void @call_with_arg()
define void @call_with_arg() {
; CHECK-FINAL: define void @call_with_arg() {
; CHECK-FINAL-NEXT: call void @ifunc_with_arg()
; CHECK-FINAL-NEXT: ret void
call void @ifunc_with_arg()
ret void