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REQUIRES: x86_64-linux
RUN: echo ":ir" > %t.proftext
RUN: echo "main" >> %t.proftext
RUN: echo "742261418966908927" >> %t.proftext
RUN: echo "1" >> %t.proftext
RUN: echo "1" >> %t.proftext
To update the inputs used below run Inputs/ /path/to/updated/clang
RUN: llvm-profdata merge %t.proftext %p/Inputs/basic.memprofraw --profiled-binary %p/Inputs/basic.memprofexe -o
RUN: llvm-profdata show | FileCheck %s
For now we only check the validity of the instrumented profile since we don't
have a way to display the contents of the memprof indexed format yet.
CHECK: Instrumentation level: IR entry_first = 0
CHECK: Total functions: 1
CHECK: Maximum function count: 1
CHECK: Maximum internal block count: 0