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The input gcov file has been generated on a little endian machine. Expect
failures on big endian systems.
Tests for sample profiles encoded in GCC's gcov format.
1- Show all functions. This profile has a single main() function with several
inlined callees.
RUN: llvm-profdata show --sample %p/Inputs/gcc-sample-profile.gcov | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=SHOW1
SHOW1: Function: main: 364084, 0, 6 sampled lines
SHOW1: 2.3: inlined callee: _Z3fool: 243786, 0, 3 sampled lines
SHOW1: 1.3: inlined callee: _Z3bari: 0, 0, 2 sampled lines
SHOW1: 1.7: inlined callee: _Z3bari: 98558, 0, 2 sampled lines
SHOW1: 1.8: inlined callee: _Z3bari: 0, 0, 2 sampled lines
2- Convert the profile to text encoding and check that they are both
RUN: llvm-profdata merge --sample %p/Inputs/gcc-sample-profile.gcov --text -o - | llvm-profdata show --sample - -o %t-text
RUN: llvm-profdata show --sample %p/Inputs/gcc-sample-profile.gcov -o %t-gcov
RUN: diff %t-text %t-gcov
4- Merge the gcov and text encodings of the profile and check that the
counters have doubled.
RUN: llvm-profdata merge --sample --text %p/Inputs/gcc-sample-profile.gcov -o %t-gcov
RUN: llvm-profdata merge --sample --text %p/Inputs/gcc-sample-profile.gcov %t-gcov -o - | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=MERGE1
MERGE1: main:728168:0
MERGE1: 2.3: 120298
MERGE1: 2.3: _Z3fool:487572