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You need a checkout of clang with compiler-rt to generate the
binary file here. These shell commands can be used to regenerate
$ SRC=path/to/llvm
$ CFE=$SRC/tools/clang
$ TESTDIR=$SRC/test/tools/llvm-profdata
$ CFE_TESTDIR=$CFE/test/Profile
$ clang -o a.out -fprofile-instr-generate $CFE_TESTDIR/c-general.c -mllvm -enable-name-compression=false
$ LLVM_PROFILE_FILE=$TESTDIR/Inputs/c-general.profraw ./a.out
RUN: llvm-profdata show %p/Inputs/c-general.profraw -o - | FileCheck %s
RUN: llvm-profdata show %p/Inputs/c-general.profraw --topn=3 -o - | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=TOPN
RUN: llvm-profdata show %p/Inputs/c-general.profraw -o - --function=switches | FileCheck %s -check-prefixes=SWITCHES,CHECK
SWITCHES-NEXT: switches:
SWITCHES-NEXT: Hash: 0x0099a0c98383683e
SWITCHES-NEXT: Counters: 19
SWITCHES-NEXT: Function count: 1
SWITCHES-LABEL: Functions shown: 1
CHECK-LABEL: Total functions: 12
CHECK-NEXT: Maximum function count: 1
CHECK-NEXT: Maximum internal block count: 100
TOPN: boolean_operators, max count = 100
TOPN-NEXT: simple_loops, max count = 100
TOPN-NEXT: conditionals, max count = 100