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# Test that windows path seperators are handled correctly.
REQUIRES: system-windows
# Note: many of these tests depend on relative paths, so we have to cd to a
# test directory first.
RUN: mkdir -p %t && cd %t
RUN: rm -rf a b && mkdir a b
RUN: echo hello-a > a/foo.txt
RUN: echo hello-b > b/foo.txt
RUN: echo hello-parent > foo.txt
# P is implied when using thin archives.
# Create an archive.
RUN: rm -f archive.a
RUN: llvm-ar rcST archive.a a\..\a\foo.txt
RUN: llvm-ar rcST archive.a foo.txt
RUN: llvm-ar rcST archive.a b\foo.txt b/foo.txt
RUN: llvm-ar dT archive.a foo.txt
RUN: llvm-ar t archive.a | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=ARCHIVE --implicit-check-not {{.}}
ARCHIVE: a/foo.txt
ARCHIVE-NEXT: b/foo.txt
ARCHIVE-NEXT: b/foo.txt
RUN: llvm-ar t archive.a | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=LIST-BOTH --implicit-check-not {{.}}
RUN: llvm-ar t archive.a a\foo.txt | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=LIST-A --implicit-check-not {{.}}
RUN: llvm-ar t archive.a b\foo.txt | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=LIST-B --implicit-check-not {{.}}
LIST-BOTH: a/foo.txt
LIST-BOTH-NEXT: b/foo.txt
LIST-BOTH-NEXT: b/foo.txt
LIST-A: a/foo.txt
LIST-B: b/foo.txt
# Nesting a thin archive with a name conflict.
RUN: rm -f a\nested.a b\nested.a nested.a
RUN: llvm-ar rcST a\nested.a a\foo.txt
RUN: llvm-ar rcST b\nested.a b\foo.txt
RUN: llvm-ar rcST nested.a a\nested.a foo.txt b\nested.a
RUN: llvm-ar t nested.a | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=NESTED --implicit-check-not {{.}}
NESTED: a/foo.txt
NESTED-NEXT: foo.txt
NESTED-NEXT: b/foo.txt