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# This test creates a thin archive in a directory and adds it to a thin archive
# in the parent directory. The relative path should be included when flattening
# the archive.
RUN: mkdir -p %t/foo
RUN: touch %t/foo/a.txt
RUN: rm -f %t/archive.a %t/foo/archive.a
# These tests must be run in the same directory as %t/archive.a. cd %t is
# included on each line to make debugging this test case easier.
RUN: cd %t && llvm-ar rcST foo/archive.a foo/a.txt
RUN: cd %t && llvm-ar rcST archive.a foo/archive.a
RUN: cd %t && llvm-ar t archive.a | FileCheck %s --match-full-lines
CHECK: foo/a.txt