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Test binaries created with the following commands:
$ cat container.cpp
#include "container.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
struct Container_ivars {
// real definition here
ContainerPtr allocateContainer() {
Container *c = (Container *)malloc(sizeof(Container));
c->ivars = (Container_ivars *)malloc(sizeof(Container_ivars));
return c;
extern void doSomething(ContainerPtr);
int main() {
ContainerPtr c = allocateContainer();
return 0;
$ cat container.h
struct Container_ivars;
struct Container {
union {
struct Container_ivars *ivars;
typedef Container *ContainerPtr;
$ cat use.cpp
#include "container.h"
void doSomething(ContainerPtr c) {}
$ clang++ -O0 -g container.cpp -c -o container.o
$ clang++ -O0 -g use.cpp -c -o use.o
$ clang++ use.o container.o -o a.out
Note that the link order in the last command matters for this test.
RUN: dsymutil -oso-prepend-path %p/../Inputs %p/../Inputs/private/tmp/union/a.out -o %t.dSYM
RUN: llvm-dwarfdump %t.dSYM | FileCheck %s
CHECK: DW_TAG_compile_unit
CHECK: DW_AT_name ("Container_ivars")
CHECK-NEXT: DW_AT_declaration (true)
CHECK: DW_TAG_compile_unit
CHECK: DW_AT_name ("Container_ivars")
CHECK-NEXT: DW_AT_byte_size (0x01)
CHECK-NEXT: DW_AT_decl_file ("{{.*}}container.cpp")
CHECK-NEXT: DW_AT_decl_line (4)