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Test binaries created with the following commands:
$ cat call.c
__attribute__((noinline, noreturn)) void foo() {
asm volatile("" ::: "memory");
__attribute__((noinline)) void bar() {
asm volatile("nop" :::);
int main() { bar(); }
$ clang -g call.c -fomit-frame-pointer -c -Os -o call.o
$ clang -g call.o -o call
The test requires the return PC to match a relocation (in this case the
DW_AT_high_pc of main). Without this change the value would get relocated
RUN: dsymutil -oso-prepend-path %p/../Inputs %p/../Inputs/private/tmp/call_return_pc/call -o %t.dSYM
RUN: llvm-dwarfdump %t.dSYM | FileCheck %s -implicit-check-not=DW_AT_call_return_pc
CHECK: DW_AT_call_return_pc (0x0000000100000f72)
CHECK: DW_AT_call_return_pc (0x0000000100000f78)