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; RUN: opt -safepoint-ir-verifier-print-only -verify-safepoint-ir -S %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
; This test checks that if a value is used immediately after a
; safepoint without using the relocated value that the verifier
; catches this.
%jObject = type { [8 x i8] }
; Function Attrs: nounwind
define ptr addrspace(1) @test(ptr addrspace(1) %arg) gc "statepoint-example" {
%safepoint_token3 = tail call token (i64, i32, ptr, i32, i32, ...) @llvm.experimental.gc.statepoint.p0(i64 0, i32 0, ptr elementtype(double (double)) undef, i32 1, i32 0, double undef, i32 0, i32 0) ["gc-live"(ptr addrspace(1) %arg)]
%arg2.relocated4 = call coldcc ptr addrspace(1) @llvm.experimental.gc.relocate.p1(token %safepoint_token3, i32 0, i32 0)
ret ptr addrspace(1) %arg
; CHECK: Illegal use of unrelocated value found!
; CHECK-NEXT: Def: ptr addrspace(1) %arg
; CHECK-NEXT: Use: ret ptr addrspace(1) %arg
; Function Attrs: nounwind
declare ptr addrspace(1) @llvm.experimental.gc.relocate.p1(token, i32, i32) #3
declare token @llvm.experimental.gc.statepoint.p0(i64, i32, ptr, i32, i32, ...)