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; RUN: llc < %s -verify-machineinstrs | FileCheck %s
; Wasm does not currently support function addresses with offsets, so we
; shouldn't try to create a folded SDNode like (function + offset). This is a
; regression test for the folding bug and this should not crash in MCInstLower.
target triple = "wasm32-unknown-unknown"
; 'hidden' here should be present to reproduce the bug
declare hidden void @ham(ptr)
define void @bar(ptr %ptr) {
br i1 undef, label %bb3, label %bb2
; While lowering this switch, isel creates (@ham + 1) expression as a course
; of range optimization for switch, and tries to fold the expression, but
; wasm does not support with function addresses with offsets. This folding
; should be disabled.
; CHECK: i32.const ham
; CHECK-NEXT: i32.const 1
; CHECK-NEXT: i32.add
switch i32 ptrtoint (ptr @ham to i32), label %bb4 [
i32 -1, label %bb3
i32 0, label %bb3
%tmp = load i8, ptr %ptr