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; RUN: llc < %s -asm-verbose=false -wasm-keep-registers | FileCheck %s
; DAGCombiner oddly folds casts into the rhs of copysign. Test that they get
; unfolded.
target triple = "wasm32-unknown-unknown"
declare double @copysign(double, double) nounwind readnone
declare float @copysignf(float, float) nounwind readnone
; CHECK-LABEL: fold_promote:
; CHECK: f64.promote_f32 $push0=, $pop{{[0-9]+}}{{$}}
; CHECK: f64.copysign $push1=, $pop{{[0-9]+}}, $pop0{{$}}
define double @fold_promote(double %a, float %b) {
%c = fpext float %b to double
%t = call double @copysign(double %a, double %c)
ret double %t
; CHECK-LABEL: fold_demote:{{$}}
; CHECK: f32.demote_f64 $push0=, $pop{{[0-9]+}}{{$}}
; CHECK: f32.copysign $push1=, $pop{{[0-9]+}}, $pop0{{$}}
define float @fold_demote(float %a, double %b) {
%c = fptrunc double %b to float
%t = call float @copysignf(float %a, float %c)
ret float %t