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; REQUIRES: have_tf_aot
; REQUIRES: x86_64-linux
; REQUIRES: llvm_raevict_model_autogenerated
; Check the code path for release mode is correctly taken. It is shared with
; development mode, and we separately test the internals of that (logged
; features, etc), so all we care about here is that the output is produced and
; is different from default policy.
; RUN: llc -mtriple=x86_64-linux-unknown -regalloc=greedy -regalloc-enable-advisor=default \
; RUN: %S/Inputs/input.ll -o %t.default
; RUN: llc -mtriple=x86_64-linux-unknown -regalloc=greedy -regalloc-enable-advisor=release \
; RUN: %S/Inputs/input.ll -o %t.release
; RUN: not diff %t.release %t.default