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; RUN: llc --mtriple=loongarch64 --stop-after loongarch-prera-expand-pseudo \
; RUN: --relocation-model=pic %s -o %t.mir
; RUN: llc --mtriple=loongarch64 --run-pass loongarch-prera-expand-pseudo \
; RUN: %t.mir -o - | FileCheck %s
;; This tests the LoongArch-specific serialization and deserialization of
;; `target-flags(...)`
@g_e = external global i32
@g_i = internal global i32 0
@t_un = external thread_local global i32
@t_ld = external thread_local(localdynamic) global i32
@t_ie = external thread_local(initialexec) global i32
@t_le = external thread_local(localexec) global i32
declare void @callee1() nounwind
declare dso_local void @callee2() nounwind
define void @caller() nounwind {
; CHECK-LABEL: name: caller
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-got-pc-hi) @g_e
; CHECK-NEXT: target-flags(loongarch-got-pc-lo) @g_e
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-pcrel-hi) @g_i
; CHECK-NEXT: target-flags(loongarch-pcrel-lo) @g_i
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-gd-pc-hi) @t_un
; CHECK-NEXT: target-flags(loongarch-got-pc-lo) @t_un
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-ld-pc-hi) @t_ld
; CHECK-NEXT: target-flags(loongarch-got-pc-lo) @t_ld
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-ie-pc-hi) @t_ie
; CHECK-NEXT: target-flags(loongarch-ie-pc-lo) @t_ie
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-le-hi) @t_le
; CHECK-NEXT: target-flags(loongarch-le-lo) @t_le
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-call-plt) @callee1
; CHECK: target-flags(loongarch-call) @callee2
%a = load volatile i32, ptr @g_e
%b = load volatile i32, ptr @g_i
%c = load volatile i32, ptr @t_un
%d = load volatile i32, ptr @t_ld
%e = load volatile i32, ptr @t_ie
%f = load volatile i32, ptr @t_le
call i32 @callee1()
call i32 @callee2()
ret void