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//===-- RISCVAsmBackend.h - RISCV Assembler Backend -----------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "MCTargetDesc/RISCVBaseInfo.h"
#include "MCTargetDesc/RISCVFixupKinds.h"
#include "MCTargetDesc/RISCVMCTargetDesc.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCAsmBackend.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCFixupKindInfo.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSubtargetInfo.h"
namespace llvm {
class MCAssembler;
class MCObjectTargetWriter;
class raw_ostream;
class RISCVAsmBackend : public MCAsmBackend {
const MCSubtargetInfo &STI;
uint8_t OSABI;
bool Is64Bit;
bool ForceRelocs = false;
const MCTargetOptions &TargetOptions;
RISCVAsmBackend(const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, uint8_t OSABI, bool Is64Bit,
const MCTargetOptions &Options)
: MCAsmBackend(support::little), STI(STI), OSABI(OSABI), Is64Bit(Is64Bit),
TargetOptions(Options) {
TargetABI = RISCVABI::computeTargetABI(
STI.getTargetTriple(), STI.getFeatureBits(), Options.getABIName());
RISCVFeatures::validate(STI.getTargetTriple(), STI.getFeatureBits());
~RISCVAsmBackend() override {}
void setForceRelocs() { ForceRelocs = true; }
// Returns true if relocations will be forced for shouldForceRelocation by
// default. This will be true if relaxation is enabled or had previously
// been enabled.
bool willForceRelocations() const {
return ForceRelocs || STI.getFeatureBits()[RISCV::FeatureRelax];
// Generate diff expression relocations if the relax feature is enabled or had
// previously been enabled, otherwise it is safe for the assembler to
// calculate these internally.
bool requiresDiffExpressionRelocations() const override {
return willForceRelocations();
// Return Size with extra Nop Bytes for alignment directive in code section.
bool shouldInsertExtraNopBytesForCodeAlign(const MCAlignFragment &AF,
unsigned &Size) override;
// Insert target specific fixup type for alignment directive in code section.
bool shouldInsertFixupForCodeAlign(MCAssembler &Asm,
const MCAsmLayout &Layout,
MCAlignFragment &AF) override;
bool evaluateTargetFixup(const MCAssembler &Asm, const MCAsmLayout &Layout,
const MCFixup &Fixup, const MCFragment *DF,
const MCValue &Target, uint64_t &Value,
bool &WasForced) override;
void applyFixup(const MCAssembler &Asm, const MCFixup &Fixup,
const MCValue &Target, MutableArrayRef<char> Data,
uint64_t Value, bool IsResolved,
const MCSubtargetInfo *STI) const override;
createObjectTargetWriter() const override;
bool shouldForceRelocation(const MCAssembler &Asm, const MCFixup &Fixup,
const MCValue &Target) override;
bool fixupNeedsRelaxation(const MCFixup &Fixup, uint64_t Value,
const MCRelaxableFragment *DF,
const MCAsmLayout &Layout) const override {
llvm_unreachable("Handled by fixupNeedsRelaxationAdvanced");
bool fixupNeedsRelaxationAdvanced(const MCFixup &Fixup, bool Resolved,
uint64_t Value,
const MCRelaxableFragment *DF,
const MCAsmLayout &Layout,
const bool WasForced) const override;
unsigned getNumFixupKinds() const override {
return RISCV::NumTargetFixupKinds;
Optional<MCFixupKind> getFixupKind(StringRef Name) const override;
const MCFixupKindInfo &getFixupKindInfo(MCFixupKind Kind) const override;
bool mayNeedRelaxation(const MCInst &Inst,
const MCSubtargetInfo &STI) const override;
unsigned getRelaxedOpcode(unsigned Op) const;
void relaxInstruction(MCInst &Inst,
const MCSubtargetInfo &STI) const override;
bool writeNopData(raw_ostream &OS, uint64_t Count) const override;
const MCTargetOptions &getTargetOptions() const { return TargetOptions; }
RISCVABI::ABI getTargetABI() const { return TargetABI; }