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RUN: echo 0x140001000 > %t.input
RUN: echo 0x140001030 >> %t.input
RUN: echo 0x140001010 >> %t.input
RUN: echo 0x140001040 >> %t.input
RUN: echo 0x140001050 >> %t.input
RUN: echo 0x140001060 >> %t.input
RUN: echo 0x140001070 >> %t.input
RUN: echo 0x140001080 >> %t.input
RUN: llvm-symbolizer --obj="%p/Inputs/test-columns.exe" < %t.input \
RUN: | FileCheck %s
This tests that the symbolizer outputs column info when it is present in the pdb.
CHECK: foo(void)
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:11:1
CHECK: {{^private_symbol$}}
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:14:1
CHECK: {{^main}}
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:16:0
CHECK: {{^foo_cdecl$}}
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:25:27
CHECK: {{^foo_stdcall$}}
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:26:31
CHECK: {{^foo_fastcall$}}
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:27:33
CHECK: {{^foo_vectorcall}}
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:28:37
CHECK: NS::Foo::bar(void)
CHECK-NEXT: test.cpp:6:0