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//===---- - Visual Instruction Set extensions (VIS) -----===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file contains instruction formats, definitions and patterns needed for
// VIS, VIS II, VIS II instructions on SPARC.
// VIS Instruction Format.
class VISInstFormat<bits<9> opfval, dag outs, dag ins, string asmstr,
list<dag> pattern>
: F3_3<0b10, 0b110110, opfval, outs, ins, asmstr, pattern>;
class VISInst<bits<9> opfval, string OpcStr, RegisterClass RC = DFPRegs>
: VISInstFormat<opfval,
(outs RC:$rd), (ins RC:$rs1, RC:$rs2),
!strconcat(OpcStr, " $rs1, $rs2, $rd"), []>;
// VIS Instruction with integer destination register.
class VISInstID<bits<9> opfval, string OpcStr>
: VISInstFormat<opfval,
(outs I64Regs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
!strconcat(OpcStr, " $rs1, $rs2, $rd"), []>;
// For VIS Instructions with no operand.
let rd = 0, rs1 = 0, rs2 = 0 in
class VISInst0<bits<9> opfval, string asmstr>
: VISInstFormat<opfval, (outs), (ins), asmstr, []>;
// For VIS Instructions with only rs1, rd operands.
let rs2 = 0 in
class VISInst1<bits<9> opfval, string OpcStr, RegisterClass RC = DFPRegs>
: VISInstFormat<opfval,
(outs RC:$rd), (ins RC:$rs1),
!strconcat(OpcStr, " $rs1, $rd"), []>;
// For VIS Instructions with only rs2, rd operands.
let rs1 = 0 in
class VISInst2<bits<9> opfval, string OpcStr, RegisterClass RC = DFPRegs>
: VISInstFormat<opfval,
(outs RC:$rd), (ins RC:$rs2),
!strconcat(OpcStr, " $rs2, $rd"), []>;
// For VIS Instructions with only rd operand.
let Constraints = "$rd = $f", rs1 = 0, rs2 = 0 in
class VISInstD<bits<9> opfval, string OpcStr, RegisterClass RC = DFPRegs>
: VISInstFormat<opfval,
(outs RC:$rd), (ins RC:$f),
!strconcat(OpcStr, " $rd"), []>;
// VIS 1 Instructions
let Predicates = [HasVIS] in {
def FPADD16 : VISInst<0b001010000, "fpadd16">;
def FPADD16S : VISInst<0b001010001, "fpadd16s">;
def FPADD32 : VISInst<0b001010010, "fpadd32">;
def FPADD32S : VISInst<0b001010011, "fpadd32s">;
def FPSUB16 : VISInst<0b001010100, "fpsub16">;
def FPSUB16S : VISInst<0b001010101, "fpsub16S">;
def FPSUB32 : VISInst<0b001010110, "fpsub32">;
def FPSUB32S : VISInst<0b001010111, "fpsub32S">;
def FPACK16 : VISInst2<0b000111011, "fpack16">;
def FPACK32 : VISInst <0b000111010, "fpack32">;
def FPACKFIX : VISInst2<0b000111101, "fpackfix">;
def FEXPAND : VISInst2<0b001001101, "fexpand">;
def FPMERGE : VISInst <0b001001011, "fpmerge">;
def FMUL8X16 : VISInst<0b000110001, "fmul8x16">;
def FMUL8X16AU : VISInst<0b000110011, "fmul8x16au">;
def FMUL8X16AL : VISInst<0b000110101, "fmul8x16al">;
def FMUL8SUX16 : VISInst<0b000110110, "fmul8sux16">;
def FMUL8ULX16 : VISInst<0b000110111, "fmul8ulx16">;
def FMULD8SUX16 : VISInst<0b000111000, "fmuld8sux16">;
def FMULD8ULX16 : VISInst<0b000111001, "fmuld8ulx16">;
def ALIGNADDR : VISInst<0b000011000, "alignaddr", I64Regs>;
def ALIGNADDRL : VISInst<0b000011010, "alignaddrl", I64Regs>;
def FALIGNADATA : VISInst<0b001001000, "faligndata">;
def FZERO : VISInstD<0b001100000, "fzero">;
def FZEROS : VISInstD<0b001100001, "fzeros", FPRegs>;
def FONE : VISInstD<0b001111110, "fone">;
def FONES : VISInstD<0b001111111, "fones", FPRegs>;
def FSRC1 : VISInst1<0b001110100, "fsrc1">;
def FSRC1S : VISInst1<0b001110101, "fsrc1s", FPRegs>;
def FSRC2 : VISInst2<0b001111000, "fsrc2">;
def FSRC2S : VISInst2<0b001111001, "fsrc2s", FPRegs>;
def FNOT1 : VISInst1<0b001101010, "fnot1">;
def FNOT1S : VISInst1<0b001101011, "fnot1s", FPRegs>;
def FNOT2 : VISInst2<0b001100110, "fnot2">;
def FNOT2S : VISInst2<0b001100111, "fnot2s", FPRegs>;
def FOR : VISInst<0b001111100, "for">;
def FORS : VISInst<0b001111101, "fors", FPRegs>;
def FNOR : VISInst<0b001100010, "fnor">;
def FNORS : VISInst<0b001100011, "fnors", FPRegs>;
def FAND : VISInst<0b001110000, "fand">;
def FANDS : VISInst<0b001110001, "fands", FPRegs>;
def FNAND : VISInst<0b001101110, "fnand">;
def FNANDS : VISInst<0b001101111, "fnands", FPRegs>;
def FXOR : VISInst<0b001101100, "fxor">;
def FXORS : VISInst<0b001101101, "fxors", FPRegs>;
def FXNOR : VISInst<0b001110010, "fxnor">;
def FXNORS : VISInst<0b001110011, "fxnors", FPRegs>;
def FORNOT1 : VISInst<0b001111010, "fornot1">;
def FORNOT1S : VISInst<0b001111011, "fornot1s", FPRegs>;
def FORNOT2 : VISInst<0b001110110, "fornot2">;
def FORNOT2S : VISInst<0b001110111, "fornot2s", FPRegs>;
def FANDNOT1 : VISInst<0b001101000, "fandnot1">;
def FANDNOT1S : VISInst<0b001101001, "fandnot1s", FPRegs>;
def FANDNOT2 : VISInst<0b001100100, "fandnot2">;
def FANDNOT2S : VISInst<0b001100101, "fandnot2s", FPRegs>;
def FCMPGT16 : VISInstID<0b000101000, "fcmpgt16">;
def FCMPGT32 : VISInstID<0b000101100, "fcmpgt32">;
def FCMPLE16 : VISInstID<0b000100000, "fcmple16">;
def FCMPLE32 : VISInstID<0b000100100, "fcmple32">;
def FCMPNE16 : VISInstID<0b000100010, "fcmpne16">;
def FCMPNE32 : VISInstID<0b000100110, "fcmpne32">;
def FCMPEQ16 : VISInstID<0b000101010, "fcmpeq16">;
def FCMPEQ32 : VISInstID<0b000101110, "fcmpeq32">;
def EDGE8 : VISInst<0b000000000, "edge8", I64Regs>;
def EDGE8L : VISInst<0b000000010, "edge8l", I64Regs>;
def EDGE16 : VISInst<0b000000100, "edge16", I64Regs>;
def EDGE16L : VISInst<0b000000110, "edge16l", I64Regs>;
def EDGE32 : VISInst<0b000001000, "edge32", I64Regs>;
def EDGE32L : VISInst<0b000001010, "edge32l", I64Regs>;
def PDIST : VISInst<0b000111110, "pdist">;
def ARRAY8 : VISInst<0b000010000, "array8", I64Regs>;
def ARRAY16 : VISInst<0b000010010, "array16", I64Regs>;
def ARRAY32 : VISInst<0b000010100, "array32", I64Regs>;
def SHUTDOWN : VISInst0<0b010000000, "shutdown">;
} // Predicates = [HasVIS]
// VIS 2 Instructions.
let Predicates = [HasVIS2] in {
def BMASK : VISInst<0b000011001, "bmask", I64Regs>;
def BSHUFFLE : VISInst<0b000011100, "bshuffle">;
def SIAM : VISInst0<0b010000001, "siam">;
def EDGE8N : VISInst<0b000000001, "edge8n", I64Regs>;
def EDGE8LN : VISInst<0b000000011, "edge8ln", I64Regs>;
def EDGE16N : VISInst<0b000000101, "edge16n", I64Regs>;
def EDGE16LN : VISInst<0b000000111, "edge16ln", I64Regs>;
def EDGE32N : VISInst<0b000001001, "edge32n", I64Regs>;
def EDGE32LN : VISInst<0b000001011, "edge32ln", I64Regs>;
} // Predicates = [HasVIS2]
// VIS 3 Instructions.
let Predicates = [HasVIS3] in {
let Uses = [ICC] in
def ADDXC : VISInst<0b000010001, "addxc", I64Regs>;
let Defs = [ICC], Uses = [ICC] in
def ADDXCCC : VISInst<0b000010011, "addxccc", I64Regs>;
let rd = 0, rs1 = 0 in {
def CMASK8 : VISInstFormat<0b000011011, (outs), (ins I64Regs:$rs2),
"cmask8 $rs2", []>;
def CMASK16 : VISInstFormat<0b000011101, (outs), (ins I64Regs:$rs2),
"cmask16 $rs2", []>;
def CMASK32 : VISInstFormat<0b000011111, (outs), (ins I64Regs:$rs2),
"cmask32 $rs2", []>;
def FCHKSM16 : VISInst<0b001000100, "fchksm16">;
def FHADDS : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001100001,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fhadds $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FHADDD : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001100010,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fhaddd $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FHSUBS : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001100101,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fhsubs $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FHSUBD : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001100110,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fhsubd $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FLCMPS : VISInstFormat<0b101010001, (outs FCCRegs:$rd),
(ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"flcmps $rd, $rs1, $rs2", []>;
def FLCMPD : VISInstFormat<0b101010010, (outs FCCRegs:$rd),
(ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"flcmpd $rd, $rs1, $rs2", []>;
def FMEAN16 : VISInst<0b001000000, "fmean16">;
def FNADDS : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001010001,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fnadds $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FNADDD : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001010010,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fnaddd $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FNHADDS : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001110001,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fnhadds $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FNHADDD : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001110010,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fnhaddd $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FNMULS : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001011001,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fnhadds $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FNMULD : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001011010,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fnhaddd $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FNSMULD : F3_3<0b10, 0b110100, 0b001111001,
(outs DFPRegs:$rd), (ins DFPRegs:$rs1, DFPRegs:$rs2),
"fnhadds $rs1, $rs2, $rd", []>;
def FPADD64 : VISInst<0b001000010, "fpadd64">;
def FSLL16 : VISInst<0b000100001, "fsll16">;
def FSRL16 : VISInst<0b000100011, "fsrl16">;
def FSLL32 : VISInst<0b000100101, "fsll32">;
def FSRL32 : VISInst<0b000100111, "fsrl32">;
def FSLAS16 : VISInst<0b000101001, "fslas16">;
def FSRA16 : VISInst<0b000101011, "fsra16">;
def FSLAS32 : VISInst<0b000101101, "fslas32">;
def FSRA32 : VISInst<0b000101111, "fsra32">;
let rs1 = 0 in
def LZCNT : VISInstFormat<0b000010111, (outs I64Regs:$rd),
(ins I64Regs:$rs2), "lzcnt $rs2, $rd", []>;
let rs1 = 0 in {
def MOVSTOSW : VISInstFormat<0b100010011, (outs I64Regs:$rd),
(ins DFPRegs:$rs2), "movstosw $rs2, $rd", []>;
def MOVSTOUW : VISInstFormat<0b100010001, (outs I64Regs:$rd),
(ins DFPRegs:$rs2), "movstouw $rs2, $rd", []>;
def MOVDTOX : VISInstFormat<0b100010000, (outs I64Regs:$rd),
(ins DFPRegs:$rs2), "movdtox $rs2, $rd", []>;
def MOVWTOS : VISInstFormat<0b100011001, (outs DFPRegs:$rd),
(ins I64Regs:$rs2), "movdtox $rs2, $rd", []>;
def MOVXTOD : VISInstFormat<0b100011000, (outs DFPRegs:$rd),
(ins I64Regs:$rs2), "movdtox $rs2, $rd", []>;
def PDISTN : VISInst<0b000111111, "pdistn">;
def UMULXHI : VISInst<0b000010110, "umulxhi", I64Regs>;
def XMULX : VISInst<0b100010101, "xmulx", I64Regs>;
def XMULXHI : VISInst<0b100010111, "xmulxhi", I64Regs>;
} // Predicates = [IsVIS3]