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* Keep the address of the constant pool in a register instead of forming its
address all of the time.
* We can fold small constant offsets into the %hi/%lo references to constant
pool addresses as well.
* When in V9 mode, register allocate %icc[0-3].
* Add support for isel'ing UMUL_LOHI instead of marking it as Expand.
* Emit the 'Branch on Integer Register with Prediction' instructions. It's
not clear how to write a pattern for this though:
float %t1(int %a, int* %p) {
%C = seteq int %a, 0
br bool %C, label %T, label %F
store int 123, int* %p
br label %F
ret float undef
codegens to this:
save -96, %o6, %o6
1) subcc %i0, 0, %l0
1) bne .LBBt1_2 ! F
.LBBt1_1: ! T
or %g0, 123, %l0
st %l0, [%i1]
.LBBt1_2: ! F
restore %g0, %g0, %g0
1) should be replaced with a brz in V9 mode.
* Same as above, but emit conditional move on register zero (p192) in V9
mode. Testcase:
int %t1(int %a, int %b) {
%C = seteq int %a, 0
%D = select bool %C, int %a, int %b
ret int %D
* Emit MULX/[SU]DIVX instructions in V9 mode instead of fiddling
with the Y register, if they are faster.
* Codegen bswap(load)/store(bswap) -> load/store ASI
* Implement frame pointer elimination, e.g. eliminate save/restore for
leaf fns.
* Fill delay slots
* Use %g0 directly to materialize 0. No instruction is required.