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//===-- HexagonISelDAGToDAG.h -----------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Hexagon specific code to select Hexagon machine instructions for
// SelectionDAG operations.
#include "HexagonSubtarget.h"
#include "HexagonTargetMachine.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/SelectionDAG.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/SelectionDAGISel.h"
#include "llvm/Support/CodeGen.h"
#include <vector>
namespace llvm {
class MachineFunction;
class HexagonInstrInfo;
class HexagonRegisterInfo;
class HexagonDAGToDAGISel : public SelectionDAGISel {
const HexagonSubtarget *HST;
const HexagonInstrInfo *HII;
const HexagonRegisterInfo *HRI;
static char ID;
HexagonDAGToDAGISel() = delete;
explicit HexagonDAGToDAGISel(HexagonTargetMachine &tm,
CodeGenOptLevel OptLevel)
: SelectionDAGISel(ID, tm, OptLevel), HST(nullptr), HII(nullptr),
HRI(nullptr) {}
bool runOnMachineFunction(MachineFunction &MF) override {
// Reset the subtarget each time through.
HST = &MF.getSubtarget<HexagonSubtarget>();
HII = HST->getInstrInfo();
HRI = HST->getRegisterInfo();
return true;
bool ComplexPatternFuncMutatesDAG() const override {
return true;
void PreprocessISelDAG() override;
void emitFunctionEntryCode() override;
void Select(SDNode *N) override;
// Complex Pattern Selectors.
inline bool SelectAddrGA(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
inline bool SelectAddrGP(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
inline bool SelectAnyImm(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
inline bool SelectAnyInt(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
bool SelectAnyImmediate(SDValue &N, SDValue &R, Align Alignment);
bool SelectGlobalAddress(SDValue &N, SDValue &R, bool UseGP, Align Alignment);
bool SelectAddrFI(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
bool DetectUseSxtw(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
inline bool SelectAnyImm0(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
inline bool SelectAnyImm1(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
inline bool SelectAnyImm2(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
inline bool SelectAnyImm3(SDValue &N, SDValue &R);
// Generate a machine instruction node corresponding to the circ/brev
// load intrinsic.
MachineSDNode *LoadInstrForLoadIntrinsic(SDNode *IntN);
// Given the circ/brev load intrinsic and the already generated machine
// instruction, generate the appropriate store (that is a part of the
// intrinsic's functionality).
SDNode *StoreInstrForLoadIntrinsic(MachineSDNode *LoadN, SDNode *IntN);
void SelectFrameIndex(SDNode *N);
/// SelectInlineAsmMemoryOperand - Implement addressing mode selection for
/// inline asm expressions.
bool SelectInlineAsmMemoryOperand(const SDValue &Op,
InlineAsm::ConstraintCode ConstraintID,
std::vector<SDValue> &OutOps) override;
bool tryLoadOfLoadIntrinsic(LoadSDNode *N);
bool SelectBrevLdIntrinsic(SDNode *IntN);
bool SelectNewCircIntrinsic(SDNode *IntN);
void SelectLoad(SDNode *N);
void SelectIndexedLoad(LoadSDNode *LD, const SDLoc &dl);
void SelectIndexedStore(StoreSDNode *ST, const SDLoc &dl);
void SelectStore(SDNode *N);
void SelectSHL(SDNode *N);
void SelectIntrinsicWChain(SDNode *N);
void SelectIntrinsicWOChain(SDNode *N);
void SelectExtractSubvector(SDNode *N);
void SelectConstant(SDNode *N);
void SelectConstantFP(SDNode *N);
void SelectV65Gather(SDNode *N);
void SelectV65GatherPred(SDNode *N);
void SelectHVXDualOutput(SDNode *N);
void SelectAddSubCarry(SDNode *N);
void SelectVAlign(SDNode *N);
void SelectVAlignAddr(SDNode *N);
void SelectTypecast(SDNode *N);
void SelectP2D(SDNode *N);
void SelectD2P(SDNode *N);
void SelectQ2V(SDNode *N);
void SelectV2Q(SDNode *N);
// Include the declarations autogenerated from the selection patterns.
#include ""
// This is really only to get access to ReplaceNode (which is a protected
// member). Any other members used by HvxSelector can be moved around to
// make them accessible).
friend struct HvxSelector;
SDValue selectUndef(const SDLoc &dl, MVT ResTy) {
SDNode *U = CurDAG->getMachineNode(TargetOpcode::IMPLICIT_DEF, dl, ResTy);
return SDValue(U, 0);
bool keepsLowBits(const SDValue &Val, unsigned NumBits, SDValue &Src);
bool isAlignedMemNode(const MemSDNode *N) const;
bool isSmallStackStore(const StoreSDNode *N) const;
bool isPositiveHalfWord(const SDNode *N) const;
bool hasOneUse(const SDNode *N) const;
// DAG preprocessing functions.
void PreprocessHvxISelDAG();
void ppSimplifyOrSelect0(std::vector<SDNode*> &&Nodes);
void ppAddrReorderAddShl(std::vector<SDNode*> &&Nodes);
void ppAddrRewriteAndSrl(std::vector<SDNode*> &&Nodes);
void ppHoistZextI1(std::vector<SDNode*> &&Nodes);
void ppHvxShuffleOfShuffle(std::vector<SDNode*> &&Nodes);
void SelectHvxExtractSubvector(SDNode *N);
void SelectHvxShuffle(SDNode *N);
void SelectHvxRor(SDNode *N);
void SelectHvxVAlign(SDNode *N);
// Function postprocessing.
void updateAligna();
SmallDenseMap<SDNode *,int> RootWeights;
SmallDenseMap<SDNode *,int> RootHeights;
SmallDenseMap<const Value *,int> GAUsesInFunction;
int getWeight(SDNode *N);
int getHeight(SDNode *N);
SDValue getMultiplierForSHL(SDNode *N);
SDValue factorOutPowerOf2(SDValue V, unsigned Power);
unsigned getUsesInFunction(const Value *V);
SDValue balanceSubTree(SDNode *N, bool Factorize = false);
void rebalanceAddressTrees();
}; // end HexagonDAGToDAGISel