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; Test that llvm-reduce can remove uninteresting function arguments from function definitions as well as their calls.
; This test checks that functions with different argument types are handled correctly
; RUN: llvm-reduce --test FileCheck --test-arg --check-prefixes=CHECK-ALL,CHECK-INTERESTINGNESS --test-arg %s --test-arg --input-file %s -o %t
; RUN: FileCheck --check-prefixes=CHECK-ALL,CHECK-FINAL %s --input-file %t = type {*, i32, i32, i8* }
define dso_local void @bar() {
; CHECK-INTERESTINGNESS: call void @interesting(
; CHECK-FINAL: call void @interesting(* null)
call void @interesting(i32 0, i8* null,* null, i8* null, i64 0)
ret void
; CHECK-ALL: define internal void @interesting
; CHECK-INTERESTINGNESS-SAME: ({{.*}}%interesting{{.*}}) {
; CHECK-FINAL-SAME: (* %interesting) {
define internal void @interesting(i32 %uninteresting1, i8* %uninteresting2,* %interesting, i8* %uninteresting3, i64 %uninteresting4) {
ret void