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// +build !windows,!linux,!darwin,!openbsd,!freebsd,!netbsd
package liner
import (
// State represents an open terminal
type State struct {
// Prompt displays p, and then waits for user input. Prompt does not support
// line editing on this operating system.
func (s *State) Prompt(p string) (string, error) {
return s.promptUnsupported(p)
// PasswordPrompt is not supported in this OS.
func (s *State) PasswordPrompt(p string) (string, error) {
return "", errors.New("liner: function not supported in this terminal")
// NewLiner initializes a new *State
// Note that this operating system uses a fallback mode without line
// editing. Patches welcome.
func NewLiner() *State {
var s State
s.r = bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)
return &s
// Close returns the terminal to its previous mode
func (s *State) Close() error {
return nil
// TerminalSupported returns false because line editing is not
// supported on this platform.
func TerminalSupported() bool {
return false
type noopMode struct{}
func (n noopMode) ApplyMode() error {
return nil
// TerminalMode returns a noop InputModeSetter on this platform.
func TerminalMode() (ModeApplier, error) {
return noopMode{}, nil