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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Validate compact unwind info by cross checking the llvm-objdump
reports of the input object file vs final linked output.
from __future__ import print_function
import sys
import argparse
import re
from pprint import pprint
def main():
hex = "[a-f\d]"
hex8 = hex + "{8}"
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__)
parser.add_argument('files', metavar='FILES', nargs='*',
help='output of (llvm-objdump --unwind-info --syms) for object file(s) plus final linker output')
parser.add_argument('--debug', action='store_true')
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.files:
objdump_string = ''.join([open(f).read() for f in args.files])
objdump_string =
object_encodings_list = [(symbol, encoding, personality, lsda)
for symbol, encoding, personality, lsda in
re.findall(r"start:\s+0x%s+\s+(\w+)\s+" % hex +
r"length:\s+0x%s+\s+" % hex +
r"compact encoding:\s+0x(%s+)(?:\s+" % hex +
r"personality function:\s+0x(%s+)\s+\w+\s+" % hex +
r"LSDA:\s+0x(%s+)\s+\w+(?: \+ 0x%s+)?)?" % (hex, hex),
objdump_string, re.DOTALL)]
object_encodings_map = {symbol:encoding
for symbol, encoding, _, _ in object_encodings_list}
if not object_encodings_map:
sys.exit("no object encodings found in input")
# doesn't generate unwind info for _main.
object_encodings_map['_main'] = '00000000'
program_symbols_map = {address:symbol
for address, symbol in
re.findall(r"^%s(%s) g\s+F __TEXT,__text (x\1|_main)$" % (hex8, hex8),
objdump_string, re.MULTILINE)}
if not program_symbols_map:
sys.exit("no program symbols found in input")
program_common_encodings = (
re.findall(r"^\s+encoding\[(?:\d|\d\d|1[01]\d|12[0-6])\]: 0x(%s+)$" % hex,
objdump_string, re.MULTILINE))
if not program_common_encodings:
sys.exit("no common encodings found in input")
program_encodings_map = {program_symbols_map[address]:encoding
for address, encoding in
re.findall(r"^\s+\[\d+\]: function offset=0x(%s+), " % hex +
r"encoding(?:\[\d+\])?=0x(%s+)$" % hex,
objdump_string, re.MULTILINE)}
if not object_encodings_map:
sys.exit("no program encodings found in input")
# Fold adjacent entries from the object file that have matching encodings
# TODO(gkm) add check for personality+lsda
encoding0 = 0
for symbol in sorted(object_encodings_map):
encoding = object_encodings_map[symbol]
fold = (encoding == encoding0)
if fold:
del object_encodings_map[symbol]
if args.debug:
print("%s %s with %s" % (
'delete' if fold else 'retain', symbol, encoding))
encoding0 = encoding
if program_encodings_map != object_encodings_map:
if args.debug:
print("program encodings map:")
print("object encodings map:")
sys.exit("encoding maps differ")
# Count frequency of object-file folded encodings
# and compare with the program-file common encodings table
encoding_frequency_map = {}
for _, encoding in object_encodings_map.items():
encoding_frequency_map[encoding] = 1 + encoding_frequency_map.get(encoding, 0)
encoding_frequencies = [x for x in
key=lambda x: (encoding_frequency_map.get(x), x),
del encoding_frequencies[127:]
if program_common_encodings != encoding_frequencies:
if args.debug:
pprint("program common encodings:\n" + str(program_common_encodings))
pprint("object encoding frequencies:\n" + str(encoding_frequencies))
sys.exit("encoding frequencies differ")
if __name__ == '__main__':