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! RUN: %S/ %s %t %flang_fc1 -fopenmp
! Test clauses that accept list.
! 2.1 Directive Format
! A list consists of a comma-separated collection of one or more list items.
! A list item is a variable, array section or common block name (enclosed in
! slashes).
!DEF: /md Module
module md
!DEF: /md/myty PUBLIC DerivedType
type :: myty
!DEF: /md/myty/a ObjectEntity REAL(4)
real :: a
!DEF: /md/myty/b ObjectEntity INTEGER(4)
integer :: b
end type myty
end module md
!DEF: /mm MainProgram
program mm
!REF: /md
use :: md
!DEF: /mm/c CommonBlockDetails
!DEF: /mm/x ObjectEntity REAL(4)
!DEF: /mm/y ObjectEntity REAL(4)
common /c/x, y
!REF: /mm/x
!REF: /mm/y
real x, y
!DEF: /mm/myty Use
!DEF: /mm/t ObjectEntity TYPE(myty)
type(myty) :: t
!DEF: /mm/b ObjectEntity INTEGER(4)
integer b(10)
!REF: /mm/t
!REF: /md/myty/a
t%a = 3.14
!REF: /mm/t
!REF: /md/myty/b
t%b = 1
!REF: /mm/b
b = 2
!DEF: /mm/a (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
a = 1.0
!DEF: /mm/c (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
c = 2.0
!$omp parallel do private(a,t,/c/) shared(c)
!DEF: /mm/Block1/i (OmpPrivate, OmpPreDetermined) HostAssoc INTEGER(4)
do i=1,10
!DEF: /mm/Block1/a (OmpPrivate) HostAssoc REAL(4)
!REF: /mm/b
!REF: /mm/Block1/i
a = a+b(i)
!DEF: /mm/Block1/t (OmpPrivate) HostAssoc TYPE(myty)
!REF: /md/myty/a
!REF: /mm/Block1/i
t%a = i
!DEF: /mm/Block1/y (OmpPrivate) HostAssoc REAL(4)
y = 0.
!DEF: /mm/Block1/x (OmpPrivate) HostAssoc REAL(4)
!REF: /mm/Block1/a
!REF: /mm/Block1/i
!REF: /mm/Block1/y
x = a+i+y
!REF: /mm/c
c = 3.0
end do
end program