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! RUN: %S/ %s %t %flang_fc1
! Resolution of specification expression references to generic interfaces
! that resolve to private specific functions.
module m1
interface gen
module procedure priv
end interface
private :: priv
pure integer function priv(n)
integer, intent(in) :: n
priv = n
end function
end module
!Expect: m1.mod
!module m1
!interface gen
!end interface
!pure function priv(n)
module m2
use m1
subroutine s(a)
real :: a(gen(1))
end subroutine
end module
!Expect: m2.mod
!module m2
!use m1,only:gen
!use m1,only:m1$priv=>priv
!subroutine s(a)
use m2