[compiler-rt][sanitizer_common] Increase min user-map/freearray round… (#73600)

…ing size

About 90% of the time when running scudo tests on fuchsia+riscv with
asan instrumentation, we will be unable to map the arena for scudo's
primary allocator. We have enough space, but much of the existing
allocations are fragmented enough such that we can't allocate that large
enough contiguous space. This reduces fragmentation more by increase min
allocation rounding for user-map and freearray in the primary allocator.

Note that changing these values doesn't have a functional effect on the
actual size of the user-map or freearray portions of a region. Those are
toggled by different constants. This will reduce the number of times
mmap is called and reduce the number of fragments.

Locally, I've been able to run the scudo tests under
asan-instrumentation on riscv 39-bit vma and haven't run into the `SCUDO
ERROR: zx_vmar_map` error.
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