Reland "[CMake] Bumps minimum version to 3.20.0.

This reverts commit d763c6e5e2d0a6b34097aa7dabca31e9aff9b0b6.

Adds the patch by @hans from
This patch fixes the Windows build.

d763c6e5e2d0a6b34097aa7dabca31e9aff9b0b6 reverted the reviews

D144509 [CMake] Bumps minimum version to 3.20.0.

This partly undoes D137724.

This change has been discussed on discourse

Note this does not remove work-arounds for older CMake versions, that
will be done in followup patches.

D150532 [OpenMP] Compile assembly files as ASM, not C

Since CMake 3.20, CMake explicitly passes "-x c" (or equivalent)
when compiling a file which has been set as having the language
C. This behaviour change only takes place if "cmake_minimum_required"
is set to 3.20 or newer, or if the policy CMP0119 is set to new.

Attempting to compile assembly files with "-x c" fails, however
this is workarounded in many cases, as OpenMP overrides this with
"-x assembler-with-cpp", however this is only added for non-Windows

Thus, after increasing cmake_minimum_required to 3.20, this breaks
compiling the GNU assembly for Windows targets; the GNU assembly is
used for ARM and AArch64 Windows targets when building with Clang.
This patch unbreaks that.

D150688 [cmake] Set CMP0091 to fix Windows builds after the cmake_minimum_required bump

The build uses other mechanism to select the runtime.

Fixes #62719

Reviewed By: #libc, Mordante

Differential Revision:

GitOrigin-RevId: cbaa3597aaf6273e66b3f445ed36a6458143fe6a
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