1. 0de8b0c [AST] Add TypeLoc support to node introspection by Stephen Kelly · 4 weeks ago main master
  2. 8c3a47a [clang-scan-deps] Add support for clang-cl by Sylvain Audi · 32 hours ago
  3. 7a8e790 [clang-scan-deps] Support double-dashes in clang command lines by Sylvain Audi · 2 days ago
  4. f7edf56 [AST] Enable AST node introspection on WIN32 by Stephen Kelly · 31 hours ago
  5. 0c2ee50 [NFC] Fixed Typos by Jennifer Chukwu · 34 hours ago
  6. db7b5f0 [AST] Remove args from LocationCall by Stephen Kelly · 2 days ago
  7. 1f28dcd [HIP] Support hipRTC in header by Yaxun (Sam) Liu · 2 days ago
  8. f7e1129 [Pragma] Added support for GCC unroll/nounroll by Dávid Bolvanský · 34 hours ago
  9. ea83bd5 [CUDA][HIP] Mark device var used by host only by Yaxun (Sam) Liu · 5 weeks ago
  10. 5f1a59c [AMDGPU] Add GlobalDCE before internalization pass by Yaxun (Sam) Liu · 5 weeks ago
  11. 229ef10 Normalize interaction with boolean attributes by Serge Guelton · 4 weeks ago
  12. fdb6006 [ASTReader] Only mark module out of date if not already compiled by Ben Barham · 2 days ago
  13. 6fc0816 [clang][NFC] Fix a potential assert failure by Ben Shi · 2 days ago
  14. f67cb48 [funcattrs] Add the maximal set of implied attributes to definitions by Philip Reames · 2 days ago
  15. 833cd63 [WebAssembly] Remove saturating fp-to-int target intrinsics by Thomas Lively · 2 days ago
  16. 27c05be DeclContext: Fix iterator category by Björn Schäpers · 3 days ago
  17. a354666 [Builtins] Add memory allocation builtins (PR12543) by Dávid Bolvanský · 2 days ago
  18. febf406 [CUDA, FDO] Filter out profiling options from GPU-side compilations. by Artem Belevich · 3 days ago
  19. 27f5222 [M68k] Fix empty builtin va_list kind by Min-Yih Hsu · 2 days ago
  20. 999fe9a [RISCV][Clang] Add RVV miscellaneous intrinsic functions. by Zakk Chen · 6 days ago
  21. 1deeee3 [RISCV][Clang] Drop the assembly tests for RVV intrinsics. by Zakk Chen · 3 days ago
  22. 32c3b7b [Driver] Allow both lib64 and lib in rocm-detect test. by Troy Johnson · 2 days ago
  23. 522d41e [SystemZ][z/OS] Add IsText Argument to GetFile and GetFileOrSTDIN by Jonathan Crowther · 2 days ago
  24. 89caa83 [OPENMP]Fix PR49115: Incorrect results for scan directive. by Alexey Bataev · 10 days ago
  25. 0caebdb Revert "[AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed" by Pushpinder Singh · 3 days ago
  26. 5653c2a [clang-format] Inconsistent behavior regarding line break before access modifier by Max Sagebaum · 3 days ago
  27. 740e79e [AMDGPU][OpenMP] Add amdgpu-arch tool to list AMD GPUs installed by Pushpinder Singh · 13 days ago
  28. 9217293 Add triple to fix test failure. by Richard Smith · 3 days ago
  29. 8a333c2 Implemented [[clang::musttail]] attribute for guaranteed tail calls. by Joshua Haberman · 3 days ago
  30. b15c9d7 NFC: Add a simple test for introspection call formatting by Stephen Kelly · 3 days ago
  31. 4f2ea58 NFC: Add missing matcher for test method by Stephen Kelly · 3 days ago
  32. c8b24ef [OpenMP5][DOCS] Update status of masked construct and correct the color by cchen · 3 days ago
  33. 222372e [AST] Fix location call storage with common last-invocation by Stephen Kelly · 4 days ago
  34. 308e2c0 [clang][AArch64] Correctly align HFA arguments when passed on the stack by Momchil Velikov · 3 days ago
  35. 3eb21fc [AST][Introspection] Add a check to detect if introspection is supported. by Nathan James · 3 days ago
  36. efc614a [AST] Add a print method to Introspection LocationCall by Nathan James · 3 days ago
  37. f01a0f8 [clang] [AArch64] Fix handling of HFAs passed to Windows variadic functions by Martin Storsjö · 5 days ago
  38. 4b37657 [clang-format] Option for empty lines after an access modifier. by Max Sagebaum · 3 days ago
  39. 592fede [OpenMP] Added codegen for masked directive by cchen · 3 days ago
  40. e801e7a [clang][patch] Modify diagnostic level from err to warn: anyx86_interrupt_regsave by Melanie Blower · 4 days ago
  41. 91cb4dd [NewPM] Cleanup IR printing instrumentation by Arthur Eubanks · 4 days ago
  42. 4b31cc1 [Driver] Enable kernel address and memory sanitizers on FreeBSD by Mark Johnston · 3 days ago
  43. 232352c [Clang][Docs] Claim the atomic compare by Shilei Tian · 3 days ago
  44. cc4c54d Fix potential infinite loop with malformed attribute syntax by Aaron Ballman · 3 days ago
  45. ee7c8cc add test case for ignoring -flto=auto and -flto=jobserver by Matthias Klose · 4 days ago
  46. 013834d [clang][deps] NFC: Improve documentation by Jan Svoboda · 5 days ago
  47. d96435a [clang] [test] Share patterns in CodeGen/ms_abi_aarch64.c between cases. NFC. by Martin Storsjö · 5 days ago
  48. 060203c [RISCV][Clang] Add vmv and vfmv series intrinsic functions. by Zakk Chen · 7 days ago
  49. 0725b51 [Sema] Fold VLA types in compound literals to constant arrays. by Eli Friedman · 6 weeks ago
  50. 874814c Reapply "[InferAttributes] Materialize all infered attributes for declaration"" and follow on patches. by Philip Reames · 4 days ago
  51. f8bda1b [AST][Introspection] Fix args not being set. by Nathan James · 4 days ago
  52. f3e4a54 [AST][NFC] Remove temporary ASTTU file from Introspection generation. by Nathan James · 4 days ago
  53. d647d93 [AST] Use IntrusiveRefCntPtr for Introspection LocationCall. by Nathan James · 4 days ago
  54. d88fb22 NFC: Remove condition to simplify code by Stephen Kelly · 3 weeks ago
  55. 67ab357 [WebAssembly] Codegen for i64x2.extend_{low,high}_i32x4_{s,u} by Thomas Lively · 4 days ago
  56. 0e3fa89 [AST] Add introspection support for more base nodes by Stephen Kelly · 5 weeks ago
  57. ac1728d Make test runnable on read-only file systems. by Sterling Augustine · 4 days ago
  58. 21b74ae [AST] Replace asserts with a condition by Stephen Kelly · 4 days ago
  59. 203f7ab [clang][FileManager] Support empty file name in getVirtualFileRef for serialized diagnostics by Alex Lorenz · 4 days ago
  60. 15714ab [libTooling] Add smart pointer support to the `access` Stencil by Shu-Chun Weng · 5 days ago
  61. ee43c61 [WebAssembly] Codegen for f64x2.convert_low_i32x4_{s,u} by Thomas Lively · 4 days ago
  62. 0ec0375 clang-format: fix undefined behavior. by Martin Probst · 4 days ago
  63. fecebb3 [WebAssembly] Use standard intrinsics for f32x4 and f64x2 ops by Thomas Lively · 4 days ago
  64. 136a999 review comments by Martin Probst · 4 days ago
  65. d52a372 clang-format: [JS] merge import lines. by Martin Probst · 5 days ago
  66. f9291c1 Add flag for showing skipped headers in -H / --show-includes output by Hans Wennborg · 6 days ago
  67. 87261d9 CPUDispatch- allow out of line member definitions by Erich Keane · 5 days ago
  68. 65c72f2 [OpenCL][Docs] Update OpenCL 3.0 implementation status by Sven van Haastregt · 5 days ago
  69. 5086d60 [clang] [AArch64] Fix Windows va_arg handling for larger structs by Martin Storsjö · 8 days ago
  70. 5249b9e [i386] Modify the alignment of __m128/__m256/__m512 vector type according i386 abi. by Liu, Chen3 · 2 weeks ago
  71. 8e1fe9c [clang] Fix copy constructor of CompilerInvocation by Jan Svoboda · 3 weeks ago
  72. 51070f0 [Sema] Move 'char-expression-as-unsigned < 0' into a separate diagnostic by Anton Bikineev · 2 weeks ago
  73. 19d9f46 [Driver] Make the findVCToolChainViaEnvironment case-insensitive by Artur Gainullin · 6 days ago
  74. 34a66dc [AArch64][SVE] Always use overloaded methods instead of preprocessor macro. by Sander de Smalen · 5 days ago
  75. a674146 Remove warning "suggest braces" for aggregate initialization of an empty class with an aggregate base class. by Hana Dusíková · 5 days ago
  76. 6894a16 Correct the tablegen for checking mutually exclusive stmt attrs by Aaron Ballman · 5 days ago
  77. 118d3c4 Ship `llvm-cxxfilt` in the toolchain. by Dan Liew · 5 days ago
  78. 4de8f83 [clang-tidy] Add check for implicit widening of multiplication result by Roman Lebedev · 5 days ago
  79. 52caef5 String Literal and Wide String Literal Encoding from the Preprocessor by ThePhD · 5 days ago
  80. a5429c3 [Clang][OpenMP][NVPTX] Fixed failure in openmp-offload-gpu.c if the system has CUDA by Shilei Tian · 5 days ago
  81. 8ca3979 Implement WG21 P2156R1/WG14 N2557 on duplicate attributes by Aaron Ballman · 5 days ago
  82. 9c5fffd Fix the const overload of IgnoreExprNodes by Jesse Zhang · 5 days ago
  83. b454f85 [analyzer] [NFC] Eliminate dispatchCast, evalCastFromNonLoc and evalCastFromLoc functions from SValBuilder by Denys Petrov · 5 days ago
  84. 7ee9d30 [analyzer] Replace StoreManager::CastRetrievedVal with SValBuilder::evalCast by Denys Petrov · 5 days ago
  85. 811c93e Require commas between double square bracket attributes. by Aaron Ballman · 6 days ago
  86. 72d6656 [Windows Itanium][PS4] handle dllimport/export w.r.t vtables/rtti by Ben Dunbobbin · 6 days ago
  87. 59a97d7 [AArch64][SVE] Fix dup/dupq intrinsics for C++. by Sander de Smalen · 6 days ago
  88. bd7bda2 [OpenCL][NFC] Rename isOpenCLVersionContainedInMask by Sven van Haastregt · 6 days ago
  89. 6f6c102 [NFC][SYCL] Drop idle triple component from regression tests. by Alexey Bader · 6 days ago
  90. c8671e8 [X86] Support -march=rocketlake by Freddy Ye · 6 days ago
  91. 2860c16 [clang-rename] Handle designated initializers. by Daniele Castagna · 6 days ago
  92. c4427f7 [PassManager][PhaseOrdering] lower expects before running simplifyCFG by Sanjay Patel · 6 days ago
  93. c562e3f Enable creation of large response file on z/OS by Sean Perry · 6 days ago
  94. 7542ffe Replace uses of std::iterator with explicit using by Hamza Sood · 6 days ago
  95. 007738f Allow applying attributes to subset of allowed subjects. by Artem Belevich · 10 days ago
  96. b4776c8 [NFC] Remove redundant string copy by Nathan James · 6 days ago
  97. aa0126d Reland [DebugInfo] Fix the mismatching between C++ language tags and Dwarf versions."" by Esme-Yi · 7 days ago
  98. 5a86302 Revert "[DebugInfo] Fix the mismatching between C++ language tags and Dwarf versions." by Esme-Yi · 7 days ago
  99. ab5c44b [AArch64] ACLE: Fix issue for mismatching enum types with builtins. by Sander de Smalen · 7 days ago
  100. 42a202c [OpenCL] Accept .rgba in OpenCL 3.0 by Sven van Haastregt · 7 days ago