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//===- FrontendOptions.h ----------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "clang/AST/ASTDumperUtils.h"
#include "clang/Basic/LangStandard.h"
#include "clang/Frontend/CommandLineSourceLoc.h"
#include "clang/Sema/CodeCompleteOptions.h"
#include "clang/Serialization/ModuleFileExtension.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MemoryBuffer.h"
#include <cassert>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace llvm {
class MemoryBuffer;
} // namespace llvm
namespace clang {
namespace frontend {
enum ActionKind {
/// Parse ASTs and list Decl nodes.
/// Parse ASTs and dump them.
/// Parse ASTs and print them.
/// Parse ASTs and view them in Graphviz.
/// Dump the compiler configuration.
/// Dump out raw tokens.
/// Dump out preprocessed tokens.
/// Emit a .s file.
/// Emit a .bc file.
/// Translate input source into HTML.
/// Emit a .ll file.
/// Generate LLVM IR, but do not emit anything.
/// Generate machine code, but don't emit anything.
/// Emit a .o file.
// Extract API information
/// Parse and apply any fixits to the source.
/// Generate pre-compiled module from a module map.
/// Generate pre-compiled module from a C++ module interface file.
/// Generate pre-compiled module from a set of header files.
/// Generate a C++20 header unit module from a header file.
/// Generate pre-compiled header.
/// Generate Interface Stub Files.
/// Only execute frontend initialization.
/// Dump information about a module file.
/// Load and verify that a PCH file is usable.
/// Parse and perform semantic analysis.
/// Run a plugin action, \see ActionName.
/// Print the "preamble" of the input file
/// -E mode.
/// Expand macros but not \#includes.
/// ObjC->C Rewriter.
/// Rewriter playground
/// Run one or more source code analyses.
/// Dump template instantiations
/// Run migrator.
/// Just lex, no output.
/// Print the output of the dependency directives source minimizer.
} // namespace frontend
/// The kind of a file that we've been handed as an input.
class InputKind {
Language Lang;
unsigned Fmt : 3;
unsigned Preprocessed : 1;
unsigned HeaderUnit : 3;
unsigned IsHeader : 1;
/// The input file format.
enum Format {
// If we are building a header unit, what kind it is; this affects whether
// we look for the file in the user or system include search paths before
// flagging a missing input.
enum HeaderUnitKind {
constexpr InputKind(Language L = Language::Unknown, Format F = Source,
bool PP = false, HeaderUnitKind HU = HeaderUnit_None,
bool HD = false)
: Lang(L), Fmt(F), Preprocessed(PP), HeaderUnit(HU), IsHeader(HD) {}
Language getLanguage() const { return static_cast<Language>(Lang); }
Format getFormat() const { return static_cast<Format>(Fmt); }
HeaderUnitKind getHeaderUnitKind() const {
return static_cast<HeaderUnitKind>(HeaderUnit);
bool isPreprocessed() const { return Preprocessed; }
bool isHeader() const { return IsHeader; }
bool isHeaderUnit() const { return HeaderUnit != HeaderUnit_None; }
/// Is the input kind fully-unknown?
bool isUnknown() const { return Lang == Language::Unknown && Fmt == Source; }
/// Is the language of the input some dialect of Objective-C?
bool isObjectiveC() const {
return Lang == Language::ObjC || Lang == Language::ObjCXX;
InputKind getPreprocessed() const {
return InputKind(getLanguage(), getFormat(), true, getHeaderUnitKind(),
InputKind getHeader() const {
return InputKind(getLanguage(), getFormat(), isPreprocessed(),
getHeaderUnitKind(), true);
InputKind withHeaderUnit(HeaderUnitKind HU) const {
return InputKind(getLanguage(), getFormat(), isPreprocessed(), HU,
InputKind withFormat(Format F) const {
return InputKind(getLanguage(), F, isPreprocessed(), getHeaderUnitKind(),
/// An input file for the front end.
class FrontendInputFile {
/// The file name, or "-" to read from standard input.
std::string File;
/// The input, if it comes from a buffer rather than a file. This object
/// does not own the buffer, and the caller is responsible for ensuring
/// that it outlives any users.
llvm::Optional<llvm::MemoryBufferRef> Buffer;
/// The kind of input, e.g., C source, AST file, LLVM IR.
InputKind Kind;
/// Whether we're dealing with a 'system' input (vs. a 'user' input).
bool IsSystem = false;
FrontendInputFile() = default;
FrontendInputFile(StringRef File, InputKind Kind, bool IsSystem = false)
: File(File.str()), Kind(Kind), IsSystem(IsSystem) {}
FrontendInputFile(llvm::MemoryBufferRef Buffer, InputKind Kind,
bool IsSystem = false)
: Buffer(Buffer), Kind(Kind), IsSystem(IsSystem) {}
InputKind getKind() const { return Kind; }
bool isSystem() const { return IsSystem; }
bool isEmpty() const { return File.empty() && Buffer == None; }
bool isFile() const { return !isBuffer(); }
bool isBuffer() const { return Buffer != None; }
bool isPreprocessed() const { return Kind.isPreprocessed(); }
bool isHeader() const { return Kind.isHeader(); }
InputKind::HeaderUnitKind getHeaderUnitKind() const {
return Kind.getHeaderUnitKind();
StringRef getFile() const {
return File;
llvm::MemoryBufferRef getBuffer() const {
return *Buffer;
/// FrontendOptions - Options for controlling the behavior of the frontend.
class FrontendOptions {
/// Disable memory freeing on exit.
unsigned DisableFree : 1;
/// When generating PCH files, instruct the AST writer to create relocatable
/// PCH files.
unsigned RelocatablePCH : 1;
/// Show the -help text.
unsigned ShowHelp : 1;
/// Show frontend performance metrics and statistics.
unsigned ShowStats : 1;
/// print the supported cpus for the current target
unsigned PrintSupportedCPUs : 1;
/// Output time trace profile.
unsigned TimeTrace : 1;
/// Show the -version text.
unsigned ShowVersion : 1;
/// Apply fixes even if there are unfixable errors.
unsigned FixWhatYouCan : 1;
/// Apply fixes only for warnings.
unsigned FixOnlyWarnings : 1;
/// Apply fixes and recompile.
unsigned FixAndRecompile : 1;
/// Apply fixes to temporary files.
unsigned FixToTemporaries : 1;
/// Emit ARC errors even if the migrator can fix them.
unsigned ARCMTMigrateEmitARCErrors : 1;
/// Skip over function bodies to speed up parsing in cases you do not need
/// them (e.g. with code completion).
unsigned SkipFunctionBodies : 1;
/// Whether we can use the global module index if available.
unsigned UseGlobalModuleIndex : 1;
/// Whether we can generate the global module index if needed.
unsigned GenerateGlobalModuleIndex : 1;
/// Whether we include declaration dumps in AST dumps.
unsigned ASTDumpDecls : 1;
/// Whether we deserialize all decls when forming AST dumps.
unsigned ASTDumpAll : 1;
/// Whether we include lookup table dumps in AST dumps.
unsigned ASTDumpLookups : 1;
/// Whether we include declaration type dumps in AST dumps.
unsigned ASTDumpDeclTypes : 1;
/// Whether we are performing an implicit module build.
unsigned BuildingImplicitModule : 1;
/// Whether to use a filesystem lock when building implicit modules.
unsigned BuildingImplicitModuleUsesLock : 1;
/// Whether we should embed all used files into the PCM file.
unsigned ModulesEmbedAllFiles : 1;
/// Whether timestamps should be written to the produced PCH file.
unsigned IncludeTimestamps : 1;
/// Should a temporary file be used during compilation.
unsigned UseTemporary : 1;
/// When using -emit-module, treat the modulemap as a system module.
unsigned IsSystemModule : 1;
/// Output (and read) PCM files regardless of compiler errors.
unsigned AllowPCMWithCompilerErrors : 1;
/// Whether to share the FileManager when building modules.
unsigned ModulesShareFileManager : 1;
CodeCompleteOptions CodeCompleteOpts;
/// Specifies the output format of the AST.
ASTDumpOutputFormat ASTDumpFormat = ADOF_Default;
enum {
} ARCMTAction = ARCMT_None;
enum {
ObjCMT_None = 0,
/// Enable migration to modern ObjC literals.
ObjCMT_Literals = 0x1,
/// Enable migration to modern ObjC subscripting.
ObjCMT_Subscripting = 0x2,
/// Enable migration to modern ObjC readonly property.
ObjCMT_ReadonlyProperty = 0x4,
/// Enable migration to modern ObjC readwrite property.
ObjCMT_ReadwriteProperty = 0x8,
/// Enable migration to modern ObjC property.
ObjCMT_Property = (ObjCMT_ReadonlyProperty | ObjCMT_ReadwriteProperty),
/// Enable annotation of ObjCMethods of all kinds.
ObjCMT_Annotation = 0x10,
/// Enable migration of ObjC methods to 'instancetype'.
ObjCMT_Instancetype = 0x20,
/// Enable migration to NS_ENUM/NS_OPTIONS macros.
ObjCMT_NsMacros = 0x40,
/// Enable migration to add conforming protocols.
ObjCMT_ProtocolConformance = 0x80,
/// prefer 'atomic' property over 'nonatomic'.
ObjCMT_AtomicProperty = 0x100,
/// annotate property with NS_RETURNS_INNER_POINTER
ObjCMT_ReturnsInnerPointerProperty = 0x200,
/// use NS_NONATOMIC_IOSONLY for property 'atomic' attribute
ObjCMT_NsAtomicIOSOnlyProperty = 0x400,
/// Enable inferring NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER for ObjC methods.
ObjCMT_DesignatedInitializer = 0x800,
/// Enable converting setter/getter expressions to property-dot syntx.
ObjCMT_PropertyDotSyntax = 0x1000,
ObjCMT_MigrateDecls = (ObjCMT_ReadonlyProperty | ObjCMT_ReadwriteProperty |
ObjCMT_Annotation | ObjCMT_Instancetype |
ObjCMT_NsMacros | ObjCMT_ProtocolConformance |
ObjCMT_NsAtomicIOSOnlyProperty |
ObjCMT_MigrateAll = (ObjCMT_Literals | ObjCMT_Subscripting |
ObjCMT_MigrateDecls | ObjCMT_PropertyDotSyntax)
unsigned ObjCMTAction = ObjCMT_None;
std::string ObjCMTAllowListPath;
std::string MTMigrateDir;
std::string ARCMTMigrateReportOut;
/// The input kind, either specified via -x argument or deduced from the input
/// file name.
InputKind DashX;
/// The input files and their types.
SmallVector<FrontendInputFile, 0> Inputs;
/// When the input is a module map, the original module map file from which
/// that map was inferred, if any (for umbrella modules).
std::string OriginalModuleMap;
/// The output file, if any.
std::string OutputFile;
/// If given, the new suffix for fix-it rewritten files.
std::string FixItSuffix;
/// If given, filter dumped AST Decl nodes by this substring.
std::string ASTDumpFilter;
/// If given, enable code completion at the provided location.
ParsedSourceLocation CodeCompletionAt;
/// The frontend action to perform.
frontend::ActionKind ProgramAction = frontend::ParseSyntaxOnly;
/// The name of the action to run when using a plugin action.
std::string ActionName;
// Currently this is only used as part of the `-extract-api` action.
/// The name of the product the input files belong too.
std::string ProductName;
/// Args to pass to the plugins
std::map<std::string, std::vector<std::string>> PluginArgs;
/// The list of plugin actions to run in addition to the normal action.
std::vector<std::string> AddPluginActions;
/// The list of plugins to load.
std::vector<std::string> Plugins;
/// The list of module file extensions.
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<ModuleFileExtension>> ModuleFileExtensions;
/// The list of module map files to load before processing the input.
std::vector<std::string> ModuleMapFiles;
/// The list of additional prebuilt module files to load before
/// processing the input.
std::vector<std::string> ModuleFiles;
/// The list of files to embed into the compiled module file.
std::vector<std::string> ModulesEmbedFiles;
/// The list of AST files to merge.
std::vector<std::string> ASTMergeFiles;
/// A list of arguments to forward to LLVM's option processing; this
/// should only be used for debugging and experimental features.
std::vector<std::string> LLVMArgs;
/// File name of the file that will provide record layouts
/// (in the format produced by -fdump-record-layouts).
std::string OverrideRecordLayoutsFile;
/// Auxiliary triple for CUDA/HIP compilation.
std::string AuxTriple;
/// Auxiliary target CPU for CUDA/HIP compilation.
Optional<std::string> AuxTargetCPU;
/// Auxiliary target features for CUDA/HIP compilation.
Optional<std::vector<std::string>> AuxTargetFeatures;
/// Filename to write statistics to.
std::string StatsFile;
/// Minimum time granularity (in microseconds) traced by time profiler.
unsigned TimeTraceGranularity;
/// Path which stores the output files for -ftime-trace
std::string TimeTracePath;
: DisableFree(false), RelocatablePCH(false), ShowHelp(false),
ShowStats(false), TimeTrace(false), ShowVersion(false),
FixWhatYouCan(false), FixOnlyWarnings(false), FixAndRecompile(false),
FixToTemporaries(false), ARCMTMigrateEmitARCErrors(false),
SkipFunctionBodies(false), UseGlobalModuleIndex(true),
GenerateGlobalModuleIndex(true), ASTDumpDecls(false),
ASTDumpLookups(false), BuildingImplicitModule(false),
BuildingImplicitModuleUsesLock(true), ModulesEmbedAllFiles(false),
IncludeTimestamps(true), UseTemporary(true),
AllowPCMWithCompilerErrors(false), ModulesShareFileManager(true),
TimeTraceGranularity(500) {}
/// getInputKindForExtension - Return the appropriate input kind for a file
/// extension. For example, "c" would return Language::C.
/// \return The input kind for the extension, or Language::Unknown if the
/// extension is not recognized.
static InputKind getInputKindForExtension(StringRef Extension);
} // namespace clang