[clang-format] [PR52595] clang-format does not recognize rvalue references to array


missing space between `T(&&)` but not between `T (&` due to && being incorrectly thought of as `UnaryOperator`  rather than `PointerOrReference`

int operator()(T (&)[N]) { return 0; }
int operator()(T(&&)[N]) { return 1; }

Existing Unit tests are changed because actually I think they are originally incorrect, and are inconsistent with the (&) cases that are 4 or 5 lines above them.

Reviewed By: curdeius

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D114519

GitOrigin-RevId: c94667a810e44c44fd355f9f014ffe161d75d761
2 files changed