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// -*- C++ -*-
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include <compare> // see [compare.syn]
#include <initializer_list> // see [initializer.list.syn]
#include <iterator> // see [iterator.synopsis]
namespace std::ranges {
inline namespace unspecified {
// [range.access], range access
inline constexpr unspecified begin = unspecified;
inline constexpr unspecified end = unspecified;
inline constexpr unspecified cbegin = unspecified;
inline constexpr unspecified cend = unspecified;
inline constexpr unspecified size = unspecified;
inline constexpr unspecified ssize = unspecified;
// [range.range], ranges
template<class T>
concept range = see below;
template<class T>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range = false;
template<class T>
using iterator_t = decltype(ranges::begin(declval<T&>()));
template<range R>
using sentinel_t = decltype(ranges::end(declval<R&>()));
template<range R>
using range_difference_t = iter_difference_t<iterator_t<R>>;
template<sized_range R>
using range_size_t = decltype(ranges::size(declval<R&>()));
template<range R>
using range_value_t = iter_value_t<iterator_t<R>>;
template<range R>
using range_reference_t = iter_reference_t<iterator_t<R>>;
template<range R>
using range_rvalue_reference_t = iter_rvalue_reference_t<iterator_t<R>>;
// [range.sized], sized ranges
inline constexpr bool disable_sized_range = false;
template<class T>
concept sized_range = ...;
// [range.view], views
template<class T>
inline constexpr bool enable_view = ...;
struct view_base { };
template<class T>
concept view = ...;
// [range.refinements], other range refinements
template<class R, class T>
concept output_range = see below;
template<class T>
concept input_range = see below;
template<class T>
concept forward_range = see below;
template<class T>
concept bidirectional_range = see below;
template<class T>
concept random_access_range = see below;
template<class T>
concept contiguous_range = see below;
template <class _Tp>
concept common_range = see below;
template<class T>
concept viewable_range = see below;
// [view.interface], class template view_interface
template<class D>
requires is_class_v<D> && same_as<D, remove_cv_t<D>>
class view_interface;
// [range.subrange], sub-ranges
enum class subrange_kind : bool { unsized, sized };
template<input_or_output_iterator I, sentinel_for<I> S = I, subrange_kind K = see below>
requires (K == subrange_kind::sized || !sized_sentinel_for<S, I>)
class subrange;
template<class I, class S, subrange_kind K>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range<subrange<I, S, K>> = true;
// [range.dangling], dangling iterator handling
struct dangling;
template<range R>
using borrowed_iterator_t = see below;
template<range R>
using borrowed_subrange_t = see below;
// [range.empty], empty view
template<class T>
requires is_object_v<T>
class empty_view;
// [range.all], all view
namespace views {
inline constexpr unspecified all = unspecified;
template<viewable_range R>
using all_t = decltype(all(declval<R>()));
template<range R>
requires is_object_v<R>
class ref_view;
template<class T>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range<ref_view<T>> = true;
// [range.drop], drop view
template<view V>
class drop_view;
template<class T>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range<drop_view<T>> = enable_borrowed_range<T>;
// [range.transform], transform view
template<input_range V, copy_constructible F>
requires view<V> && is_object_v<F> &&
regular_invocable<F&, range_reference_t<V>> &&
can-reference<invoke_result_t<F&, range_reference_t<V>>>
class transform_view;
// [range.counted], counted view
namespace views { inline constexpr unspecified counted = unspecified; }
// [range.common], common view
template<view V>
requires (!common_range<V> && copyable<iterator_t<V>>)
class common_view;
// [range.reverse], reverse view
template<view V>
requires bidirectional_range<V>
class reverse_view;
template<class T>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range<reverse_view<T>> = enable_borrowed_range<T>;
template<class T>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range<common_view<T>> = enable_borrowed_range<T>;
// [range.take], take view
template<view> class take_view;
template<class T>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range<take_view<T>> = enable_borrowed_range<T>;
template<copy_constructible T>
requires is_object_v<T>
class single_view;
template<weakly_incrementable W, semiregular Bound = unreachable_sentinel_t>
requires weakly-equality-comparable-with<W, Bound> && copyable<W>
class iota_view;
template<class W, class Bound>
inline constexpr bool enable_borrowed_range<iota_view<W, Bound>> = true;
// [range.join], join view
template<input_range V>
requires view<V> && input_range<range_reference_t<V>>
class join_view;
// Make sure all feature-test macros are available.
#include <version>
// Enable the contents of the header only when libc++ was built with LIBCXX_ENABLE_INCOMPLETE_FEATURES.
#include <__config>
#include <__ranges/access.h>
#include <__ranges/all.h>
#include <__ranges/common_view.h>
#include <__ranges/concepts.h>
#include <__ranges/counted.h>
#include <__ranges/dangling.h>
#include <__ranges/data.h>
#include <__ranges/drop_view.h>
#include <__ranges/empty_view.h>
#include <__ranges/empty.h>
#include <__ranges/enable_borrowed_range.h>
#include <__ranges/enable_view.h>
#include <__ranges/iota_view.h>
#include <__ranges/join_view.h>
#include <__ranges/ref_view.h>
#include <__ranges/reverse_view.h>
#include <__ranges/single_view.h>
#include <__ranges/size.h>
#include <__ranges/subrange.h>
#include <__ranges/take_view.h>
#include <__ranges/transform_view.h>
#include <__ranges/view_interface.h>
#include <compare> // Required by the standard.
#include <initializer_list> // Required by the standard.
#include <iterator> // Required by the standard.
#include <type_traits>
#pragma GCC system_header
#if _LIBCPP_STD_VER > 17 && !defined(_LIBCPP_HAS_NO_RANGES)
namespace views = ranges::views;
#endif // _LIBCPP_STD_VER > 17 && !defined(_LIBCPP_HAS_NO_RANGES)
#endif // _LIBCPP_RANGES