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  1. Array.h
  2. ArrayRef.h
  3. Bitset.h
  4. CMakeLists.txt
  5. Functional.h
  6. Limits.h
  8. StringView.h
  9. TypeTraits.h

This directory contains re-implementations of some C++ standard library utilities, as well as some LLVM utilities. These utilities are for use with internal LLVM libc code and tests.

More utilities will be added on an as needed basis. There are certain rules to be followed for future changes and additions:

  1. Only two kind of headers can be included: Other headers from this directory, and free standing C headers.
  2. Free standing C headers are to be included as C headers and not as C++ headers. That is, use #include <stddef.h> and not #include <cstddef>.
  3. The utilities should be defined in the namespace __llvm_libc::cpp. The higher level namespace should have a __ prefix to avoid symbol name pollution when the utilities are used in implementation of public functions.