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; RUN: llc -mtriple=arm-eabi -mcpu=arm1156t2-s -mattr=+thumb2 %s -o - -O3 \
; RUN: -asm-verbose=0 | FileCheck %s
; This tests exerts the folding of `VT = (and (sign_extend NarrowVT to
; VT) #bitmask)` into `VT = (zero_extend NarrowVT to VT)` when
; #bitmask value is the mask made by all ones that selects the value
; of type NarrowVT inside the value of type VT. The folding is
; implemented in `DAGCombiner::visitAND`.
; With this the folding, the `and` of the "signed extended load" of
; `%b` in `f_i16_i32` is rendered as a zero extended load.
; CHECK-LABEL: f_i16_i32:
; CHECK-NEXT: .fnstart
; CHECK-NEXT: ldrh r1, [r1]
; CHECK-NEXT: ldrsh r0, [r0]
; CHECK-NEXT: smulbb r0, r0, r1
; CHECK-NEXT: mul r0, r0, r1
; CHECK-NEXT: bx lr
define i32 @f_i16_i32(i16* %a, i16* %b) {
%1 = load i16, i16* %a, align 2
%sext.1 = sext i16 %1 to i32
%2 = load i16, i16* %b, align 2
%sext.2 = sext i16 %2 to i32
%masked = and i32 %sext.2, 65535
%mul = mul nsw i32 %sext.2, %sext.1 = mul i32 %mul, %masked
ret i32