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; RUN: llc < %s -mtriple=armv6-linux-gnueabi | FileCheck %s
; This test checks that the address of the varg arguments is correctly
; computed when there are 5 or more regular arguments.
define void @f(i32 %a1, i32 %a2, i32 %a3, i32 %a4, i32 %a5, ...) {
;CHECK: sub sp, sp, #4
;CHECK: add r{{[0-9]+}}, sp, #8
;CHECK: str r{{[0-9]+}}, [sp], #4
;CHECK: bx lr
%ap = alloca i8*, align 4
%ap1 = bitcast i8** %ap to i8*
call void @llvm.va_start(i8* %ap1)
ret void
declare void @llvm.va_start(i8*) nounwind