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//===-- PathMappingList.h ---------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "lldb/Utility/ConstString.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/Status.h"
namespace lldb_private {
class PathMappingList {
typedef void (*ChangedCallback)(const PathMappingList &path_list,
void *baton);
// Constructors and Destructors
PathMappingList(ChangedCallback callback, void *callback_baton);
PathMappingList(const PathMappingList &rhs);
const PathMappingList &operator=(const PathMappingList &rhs);
void Append(llvm::StringRef path, llvm::StringRef replacement, bool notify);
void Append(const PathMappingList &rhs, bool notify);
void Clear(bool notify);
// By default, dump all pairs.
void Dump(Stream *s, int pair_index = -1);
bool IsEmpty() const { return m_pairs.empty(); }
size_t GetSize() const { return m_pairs.size(); }
bool GetPathsAtIndex(uint32_t idx, ConstString &path,
ConstString &new_path) const;
void Insert(llvm::StringRef path, llvm::StringRef replacement,
uint32_t insert_idx, bool notify);
bool Remove(size_t index, bool notify);
bool Remove(ConstString path, bool notify);
bool Replace(llvm::StringRef path, llvm::StringRef replacement, bool notify);
bool Replace(llvm::StringRef path, llvm::StringRef replacement,
uint32_t index, bool notify);
bool RemapPath(ConstString path, ConstString &new_path) const;
/// Remaps a source file given \a path into \a new_path.
/// Remaps \a path if any source remappings match. This function
/// does NOT stat the file system so it can be used in tight loops
/// where debug info is being parsed.
/// \param[in] path
/// The original source file path to try and remap.
/// \param[in] only_if_exists
/// If \b true, besides matching \p path with the remapping rules, this
/// tries to check with the filesystem that the remapped file exists. If
/// no valid file is found, \b None is returned. This might be expensive,
/// specially on a network.
/// If \b false, then the existence of the returned remapping is not
/// checked.
/// \return
/// The remapped filespec that may or may not exist on disk.
llvm::Optional<FileSpec> RemapPath(llvm::StringRef path,
bool only_if_exists = false) const;
bool RemapPath(const char *, std::string &) const = delete;
bool ReverseRemapPath(const FileSpec &file, FileSpec &fixed) const;
/// Finds a source file given a file spec using the path remappings.
/// Tries to resolve \a orig_spec by checking the path remappings.
/// It makes sure the file exists by checking with the file system,
/// so this call can be expensive if the remappings are on a network
/// or are even on the local file system, so use this function
/// sparingly (not in a tight debug info parsing loop).
/// \param[in] orig_spec
/// The original source file path to try and remap.
/// \return
/// The newly remapped filespec that is guaranteed to exist.
llvm::Optional<FileSpec> FindFile(const FileSpec &orig_spec) const;
uint32_t FindIndexForPath(llvm::StringRef path) const;
uint32_t GetModificationID() const { return m_mod_id; }
typedef std::pair<ConstString, ConstString> pair;
typedef std::vector<pair> collection;
typedef collection::iterator iterator;
typedef collection::const_iterator const_iterator;
iterator FindIteratorForPath(ConstString path);
const_iterator FindIteratorForPath(ConstString path) const;
collection m_pairs;
ChangedCallback m_callback = nullptr;
void *m_callback_baton = nullptr;
uint32_t m_mod_id = 0; // Incremented anytime anything is added or removed.
} // namespace lldb_private