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//===-- OptionValue.h -------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "lldb/Core/FormatEntity.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/Cloneable.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/CompletionRequest.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/ConstString.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/Status.h"
#include "lldb/lldb-defines.h"
#include "lldb/lldb-private-enumerations.h"
#include "lldb/lldb-private-interfaces.h"
namespace lldb_private {
// OptionValue
class OptionValue {
enum Type {
eTypeInvalid = 0,
enum {
eDumpOptionName = (1u << 0),
eDumpOptionType = (1u << 1),
eDumpOptionValue = (1u << 2),
eDumpOptionDescription = (1u << 3),
eDumpOptionRaw = (1u << 4),
eDumpOptionCommand = (1u << 5),
eDumpGroupValue = (eDumpOptionName | eDumpOptionType | eDumpOptionValue),
eDumpGroupHelp =
(eDumpOptionName | eDumpOptionType | eDumpOptionDescription),
eDumpGroupExport = (eDumpOptionCommand | eDumpOptionName | eDumpOptionValue)
OptionValue() = default;
virtual ~OptionValue() = default;
// Subclasses should override these functions
virtual Type GetType() const = 0;
// If this value is always hidden, the avoid showing any info on this value,
// just show the info for the child values.
virtual bool ValueIsTransparent() const {
return GetType() == eTypeProperties;
virtual const char *GetTypeAsCString() const {
return GetBuiltinTypeAsCString(GetType());
static const char *GetBuiltinTypeAsCString(Type t);
virtual void DumpValue(const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, Stream &strm,
uint32_t dump_mask) = 0;
virtual Status
SetValueFromString(llvm::StringRef value,
VarSetOperationType op = eVarSetOperationAssign);
virtual void Clear() = 0;
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP
DeepCopy(const lldb::OptionValueSP &new_parent) const;
virtual void AutoComplete(CommandInterpreter &interpreter,
CompletionRequest &request);
// Subclasses can override these functions
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP GetSubValue(const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx,
llvm::StringRef name,
bool will_modify,
Status &error) const {
error.SetErrorStringWithFormat("'%s' is not a value subvalue", name.str().c_str());
return lldb::OptionValueSP();
virtual Status SetSubValue(const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx,
VarSetOperationType op, llvm::StringRef name,
llvm::StringRef value);
virtual bool IsAggregateValue() const { return false; }
virtual ConstString GetName() const { return ConstString(); }
virtual bool DumpQualifiedName(Stream &strm) const;
// Subclasses should NOT override these functions as they use the above
// functions to implement functionality
uint32_t GetTypeAsMask() { return 1u << GetType(); }
static uint32_t ConvertTypeToMask(OptionValue::Type type) {
return 1u << type;
static OptionValue::Type ConvertTypeMaskToType(uint32_t type_mask) {
// If only one bit is set, then return an appropriate enumeration
switch (type_mask) {
case 1u << eTypeArch:
return eTypeArch;
case 1u << eTypeArgs:
return eTypeArgs;
case 1u << eTypeArray:
return eTypeArray;
case 1u << eTypeBoolean:
return eTypeBoolean;
case 1u << eTypeChar:
return eTypeChar;
case 1u << eTypeDictionary:
return eTypeDictionary;
case 1u << eTypeEnum:
return eTypeEnum;
case 1u << eTypeFileLineColumn:
return eTypeFileLineColumn;
case 1u << eTypeFileSpec:
return eTypeFileSpec;
case 1u << eTypeFileSpecList:
return eTypeFileSpecList;
case 1u << eTypeFormat:
return eTypeFormat;
case 1u << eTypeLanguage:
return eTypeLanguage;
case 1u << eTypePathMap:
return eTypePathMap;
case 1u << eTypeProperties:
return eTypeProperties;
case 1u << eTypeRegex:
return eTypeRegex;
case 1u << eTypeSInt64:
return eTypeSInt64;
case 1u << eTypeString:
return eTypeString;
case 1u << eTypeUInt64:
return eTypeUInt64;
case 1u << eTypeUUID:
return eTypeUUID;
// Else return invalid
return eTypeInvalid;
static lldb::OptionValueSP
CreateValueFromCStringForTypeMask(const char *value_cstr, uint32_t type_mask,
Status &error);
// Get this value as a uint64_t value if it is encoded as a boolean, uint64_t
// or int64_t. Other types will cause "fail_value" to be returned
uint64_t GetUInt64Value(uint64_t fail_value, bool *success_ptr);
OptionValueArch *GetAsArch();
const OptionValueArch *GetAsArch() const;
OptionValueArray *GetAsArray();
const OptionValueArray *GetAsArray() const;
OptionValueArgs *GetAsArgs();
const OptionValueArgs *GetAsArgs() const;
OptionValueBoolean *GetAsBoolean();
OptionValueChar *GetAsChar();
const OptionValueBoolean *GetAsBoolean() const;
const OptionValueChar *GetAsChar() const;
OptionValueDictionary *GetAsDictionary();
const OptionValueDictionary *GetAsDictionary() const;
OptionValueEnumeration *GetAsEnumeration();
const OptionValueEnumeration *GetAsEnumeration() const;
OptionValueFileSpec *GetAsFileSpec();
const OptionValueFileSpec *GetAsFileSpec() const;
OptionValueFileSpecList *GetAsFileSpecList();
const OptionValueFileSpecList *GetAsFileSpecList() const;
OptionValueFormat *GetAsFormat();
const OptionValueFormat *GetAsFormat() const;
OptionValueLanguage *GetAsLanguage();
const OptionValueLanguage *GetAsLanguage() const;
OptionValuePathMappings *GetAsPathMappings();
const OptionValuePathMappings *GetAsPathMappings() const;
OptionValueProperties *GetAsProperties();
const OptionValueProperties *GetAsProperties() const;
OptionValueRegex *GetAsRegex();
const OptionValueRegex *GetAsRegex() const;
OptionValueSInt64 *GetAsSInt64();
const OptionValueSInt64 *GetAsSInt64() const;
OptionValueString *GetAsString();
const OptionValueString *GetAsString() const;
OptionValueUInt64 *GetAsUInt64();
const OptionValueUInt64 *GetAsUInt64() const;
OptionValueUUID *GetAsUUID();
const OptionValueUUID *GetAsUUID() const;
OptionValueFormatEntity *GetAsFormatEntity();
const OptionValueFormatEntity *GetAsFormatEntity() const;
bool GetBooleanValue(bool fail_value = false) const;
bool SetBooleanValue(bool new_value);
char GetCharValue(char fail_value) const;
char SetCharValue(char new_value);
int64_t GetEnumerationValue(int64_t fail_value = -1) const;
bool SetEnumerationValue(int64_t value);
FileSpec GetFileSpecValue() const;
bool SetFileSpecValue(const FileSpec &file_spec);
FileSpecList GetFileSpecListValue() const;
GetFormatValue(lldb::Format fail_value = lldb::eFormatDefault) const;
bool SetFormatValue(lldb::Format new_value);
lldb::LanguageType GetLanguageValue(
lldb::LanguageType fail_value = lldb::eLanguageTypeUnknown) const;
bool SetLanguageValue(lldb::LanguageType new_language);
const FormatEntity::Entry *GetFormatEntity() const;
const RegularExpression *GetRegexValue() const;
int64_t GetSInt64Value(int64_t fail_value = 0) const;
bool SetSInt64Value(int64_t new_value);
llvm::StringRef GetStringValue(llvm::StringRef fail_value) const;
llvm::StringRef GetStringValue() const { return GetStringValue(llvm::StringRef()); }
bool SetStringValue(llvm::StringRef new_value);
uint64_t GetUInt64Value(uint64_t fail_value = 0) const;
bool SetUInt64Value(uint64_t new_value);
UUID GetUUIDValue() const;
bool SetUUIDValue(const UUID &uuid);
bool OptionWasSet() const { return m_value_was_set; }
void SetOptionWasSet() { m_value_was_set = true; }
void SetParent(const lldb::OptionValueSP &parent_sp) {
m_parent_wp = parent_sp;
lldb::OptionValueSP GetParent() const { return m_parent_wp.lock(); }
void SetValueChangedCallback(std::function<void()> callback) {
m_callback = std::move(callback);
void NotifyValueChanged() {
if (m_callback)
using TopmostBase = OptionValue;
// Must be overriden by a derived class for correct downcasting the result of
// DeepCopy to it. Inherit from Cloneable to avoid doing this manually.
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP Clone() const = 0;
lldb::OptionValueWP m_parent_wp;
std::function<void()> m_callback;
bool m_value_was_set = false; // This can be used to see if a value has been
// set by a call to SetValueFromCString(). It is
// often handy to know if an option value was
// set from the command line or as a setting,
// versus if we just have the default value that
// was already populated in the option value.
} // namespace lldb_private