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<title>Polly - Polyhedral Phone Call</title>
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<h1>Polly: Polyhedral Phone Call</h1>
<p>There are irregular phone calls to discuss polyhedral topics and
related projects. For this we use a conference service that can be
reached both through SIP clients and international dial in numbers.</p>
<li><b>VoIP/SIP:</b><br />
<a href="">Ekiga</a> is a SIP client that works well for
most of us.</li>
<li><b>Traditional Dial In Numbers:</b><br />
To use your normal land line phone to connect to the conference dial
one of the many available <a
href="">dial in
numbers</a>. When asked for the number to connect type: <em>*011497659</em>.
<br />
Attention: Some of the dial in numbers do not work reliably. If you are not
asked for the number you want to connect to after a couple of seconds, just
try another one. <br/>
Some selected dial in numbers:
<li><b>USA:</b> +1-443-524-7370, +1-702-553-2797 </li>
<li><b>UK:</b> +44-151-601-8747, +44-115-871-8347</li>
<li><b>Belgium:</b> +32-4-2680133, +32-9-2980106</li>