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<title>Polly - Contributors</title>
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Polly is developed by a team of students supported by different universities.
<h3>Raghesh Aloor</h3>
<p>Raghesh works on OpenMP code generation. He is funded as Google Summer of Code
Student 2011.</p>
<h3>Johannes Doerfert</h3>
<p>Johannes works on Polly as part of his PhD research at Saarland University
in Germany.</p>
<h3>Tobias Grosser</h3>
<p>Tobias is one of the two Co-founders of Polly. He designed the overall
architecture and contributed to almost every part of Polly. Polly was started
during his diploma studies at University of Passau. Furthermore, he spent 6
months at Ohio State University (funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation
through awards 0811781 and 0926688). From August 2011 he works on Polly,
during his PhD with INRIA/UMPC/ENS (funded through a
<a href="">
Google Europe Fellowship in Efficient Computing</a>).</p>
<p>Website: <a href=""></a></p>
<h3>Andreas Simb&uuml;rger</h3>
Andreas works on the profiling infrastructure during his PhD at University of
<p>Website: <a href=""></a></p>
<h3>Hongbin Zheng</h3>
<p>Hongbin Zheng is one of the two Co-founders of Polly. He was funded as a
Google Summer of Code Student 2010 and implemented parts of the Polly frontends
as well as the automake/cmake infrastructure.</p>
<h2> Universities</h2>
<p>Polly is supported by the following Universities.</p>
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<img src="images/uni-passau.png" style="padding: 1em; padding-bottom:2em;"/>
<img src="images/osu.png" style="padding:1em"/>
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