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<title>Polly - ChangeLog</title>
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<h1> ChangeLog </h1>
<h2> trunk</h2>
<li>Optimized isl for small integers, such that mostly cheap 32bit operations
are used instead of costly arbitrary precision integers that often also involve
malloc/free calls. As a result, the compile-time increase due to Polly has
been largely reduced.</li>
<li>Support for modulo operations: Accesses such as <pre>A[t%2][i]</pre> can
now be analyzed.
<h2> 3.7 </h2>
<li>libPluto support has been removed. It has not been tested regularly and
due to it being copyleft license it had never a chance to become a a core
piece of Polly. Experiments with different schedulers should use the jscop
<h2> 3.6</h2>
<li>Switch to the new isl AST generator (replacing CLooG)</li>
<li>Run-time alias checks</li>
<li>Computation of no-alias information for later LLVM optimizations
(vectorizer, LICM, ...)</li>
<li>Support for multi-dimensional arrays of parameteric size (still tested)</li>
<li>New assumption tracking framework</li>
<li>Accesses to multi-dimensional arrays of fixed size are within bounds</li>
<li>Compile-time reduction</li>
<h2> Older releases</h2>
No changelog available. Please look at the <a
href="">commit history</a>.