Policies on git repositories

This document explains our current policies around git repositories. Everything not covered in this document is most likely a case-by-case decision. In these cases please create an issue with the Infrastructure Working Group.

New GitHub repositories

Requirements for new repositories as part of the LLVM organisation on GitHub:

  • The repo will be used for something related to the LLVM ecosystem or community.
  • The repo contains a README.md explaining the contents.
  • The repo contains a CONTRIBUTING.md, ideally copy this from llvm-project.
  • The repo contains a LICENSE.TXT, preferably copy this from llvm-project. Other licences need to be discussed case-by-case.

If you want to integrate your project as part of the Monorepo, please take a look at the Developer Policy.

To request a new repository, please create an issue with the Infrastructure Working Group.

Repo access on GitHub

Some 3rd party applications require write access to our GitHub organisation in order to work properly. Typical examples are continuous integration services reporting build results back to GitHub. We consider granting access to such application if they provide benefits to the LLVM community and do not raise privacy or security concerns.

To request access please run an RFC on the mailing list and get community feedback.