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Clang Nvlink Wrapper
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.. _clang-nvlink-wrapper:
This tool works as a wrapper over the ``nvlink`` program. It is required
because ``nvlink`` does not support linking of archive files implicitly. It
transparently passes every input option and object to ``nvlink`` except archive
files. It reads each input archive file to extract the archived cubin files as
temporary files. These temporary (\*.cubin) files are passed to ``nvlink``.
Use Case
During linking of heterogeneous device archive libraries with an OpenMP
program, the :doc:`ClangOffloadBundler` creates a device specific archive of
cubin files. Such an archive is then passed to this wrapper tool to extract
cubin files before passing to ``nvlink``.
A command line generated by the OpenMP-Clang driver targeting NVPTX,
containing a set of flags, cubin object files, and zero or more archive
clang-nvlink-wrapper main.cubin /tmp/libTest-nvptx-sm_50.a -o main-linked.out
1. From each archive file extract all cubin files as temporary files and
store their names in a list, `CubinFiles`.
2. Create a new command line, `NVLinkCommand`, such that
* Program is ``nvlink``
* All input flags are transparently passed on as flags
* All input archive file are replaced with `CubinFiles`
3. Execute NVLinkCommand
1. Extract (libTest-nvptx-sm_50.a) => /tmp/a.cubin /tmp/b.cubin
2. nvlink -o a.out-openmp-nvptx64 main.cubin /tmp/a.cubin /tmp/b.cubin
Output file generated by ``nvlink`` which links all cubin files.