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`ClangCheck` is a small wrapper around :doc:`LibTooling` which can be used to
do basic error checking and AST dumping.
.. code-block:: console
$ cat <<EOF >
> void f() {
> int a = 0
> }
$ ~/clang/build/bin/clang-check -ast-dump --
Processing: /Users/danieljasper/clang/llvm/tools/clang/docs/
/Users/danieljasper/clang/llvm/tools/clang/docs/ error: expected ';' at end of
int a = 0
(TranslationUnitDecl 0x7ff3a3029ed0 <<invalid sloc>>
(TypedefDecl 0x7ff3a302a410 <<invalid sloc>> __int128_t '__int128')
(TypedefDecl 0x7ff3a302a470 <<invalid sloc>> __uint128_t 'unsigned __int128')
(TypedefDecl 0x7ff3a302a830 <<invalid sloc>> __builtin_va_list '__va_list_tag [1]')
(FunctionDecl 0x7ff3a302a8d0 </Users/danieljasper/clang/llvm/tools/clang/docs/, line:3:1> f 'void (void)'
(CompoundStmt 0x7ff3a302aa10 <line:1:10, line:3:1>
(DeclStmt 0x7ff3a302a9f8 <line:2:3, line:3:1>
(VarDecl 0x7ff3a302a980 <line:2:3, col:11> a 'int'
(IntegerLiteral 0x7ff3a302a9d8 <col:11> 'int' 0))))))
1 error generated.
Error while processing
The '--' at the end is important as it prevents :program:`clang-check` from
searching for a compilation database. For more information on how to setup and
use :program:`clang-check` in a project, see :doc:`HowToSetupToolingForLLVM`.