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An out-of-tree MLIR dialect

This is an example of an out-of-tree MLIR dialect along with a standalone opt-like tool to operate on that dialect.


This setup assumes that you have built LLVM and MLIR in $BUILD_DIR and installed them to $PREFIX. To build and launch the tests, run

mkdir build && cd build
cmake -G Ninja .. -DMLIR_DIR=$PREFIX/lib/cmake/mlir -DLLVM_EXTERNAL_LIT=$BUILD_DIR/bin/llvm-lit
cmake --build . --target check-standalone

To build the documentation from the TableGen description of the dialect operations, run

cmake --build . --target mlir-doc

Note: Make sure to pass -DLLVM_INSTALL_UTILS=ON when building LLVM with CMake in order to install FileCheck to the chosen installation prefix.