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//===--- EvalEmitter.h - Instruction emitter for the VM ---------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Defines the instruction emitters.
#include "ByteCodeGenError.h"
#include "Context.h"
#include "InterpStack.h"
#include "InterpState.h"
#include "PrimType.h"
#include "Program.h"
#include "Source.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Error.h"
namespace clang {
class FunctionDecl;
namespace interp {
class Context;
class Function;
class InterpState;
class Program;
class SourceInfo;
enum Opcode : uint32_t;
/// An emitter which evaluates opcodes as they are emitted.
class EvalEmitter : public SourceMapper {
using LabelTy = uint32_t;
using AddrTy = uintptr_t;
using Local = Scope::Local;
llvm::Expected<bool> interpretExpr(const Expr *E);
llvm::Expected<bool> interpretDecl(const VarDecl *VD);
EvalEmitter(Context &Ctx, Program &P, State &Parent, InterpStack &Stk,
APValue &Result);
virtual ~EvalEmitter() {}
/// Define a label.
void emitLabel(LabelTy Label);
/// Create a label.
LabelTy getLabel();
/// Methods implemented by the compiler.
virtual bool visitExpr(const Expr *E) = 0;
virtual bool visitDecl(const VarDecl *VD) = 0;
bool bail(const Stmt *S) { return bail(S->getBeginLoc()); }
bool bail(const Decl *D) { return bail(D->getBeginLoc()); }
bool bail(const SourceLocation &Loc);
/// Emits jumps.
bool jumpTrue(const LabelTy &Label);
bool jumpFalse(const LabelTy &Label);
bool jump(const LabelTy &Label);
bool fallthrough(const LabelTy &Label);
/// Callback for registering a local.
Local createLocal(Descriptor *D);
/// Returns the source location of the current opcode.
SourceInfo getSource(Function *F, CodePtr PC) const override {
return F ? F->getSource(PC) : CurrentSource;
/// Parameter indices.
llvm::DenseMap<const ParmVarDecl *, unsigned> Params;
/// Local descriptors.
llvm::SmallVector<SmallVector<Local, 8>, 2> Descriptors;
/// Current compilation context.
Context &Ctx;
/// Current program.
Program &P;
/// Callee evaluation state.
InterpState S;
/// Location to write the result to.
APValue &Result;
/// Temporaries which require storage.
llvm::DenseMap<unsigned, std::unique_ptr<char[]>> Locals;
// The emitter always tracks the current instruction and sets OpPC to a token
// value which is mapped to the location of the opcode being evaluated.
CodePtr OpPC;
/// Location of a failure.
llvm::Optional<SourceLocation> BailLocation;
/// Location of the current instruction.
SourceInfo CurrentSource;
/// Next label ID to generate - first label is 1.
LabelTy NextLabel = 1;
/// Label being executed - 0 is the entry label.
LabelTy CurrentLabel = 0;
/// Active block which should be executed.
LabelTy ActiveLabel = 0;
/// Since expressions can only jump forward, predicated execution is
/// used to deal with if-else statements.
bool isActive() { return CurrentLabel == ActiveLabel; }
/// Helper to invoke a method.
bool ExecuteCall(Function *F, Pointer &&This, const SourceInfo &Info);
/// Helper to emit a diagnostic on a missing method.
bool ExecuteNoCall(const FunctionDecl *F, const SourceInfo &Info);
#include ""
} // namespace interp
} // namespace clang