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//===--- ASTTypeTraits.cpp --------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// Provides a dynamic type identifier and a dynamically typed node container
// that can be used to store an AST base node at runtime in the same storage in
// a type safe way.
#include "clang/AST/ASTTypeTraits.h"
#include "clang/AST/ASTContext.h"
#include "clang/AST/Attr.h"
#include "clang/AST/DeclCXX.h"
#include "clang/AST/NestedNameSpecifier.h"
#include "clang/AST/OpenMPClause.h"
#include "clang/AST/TypeLoc.h"
using namespace clang;
const ASTNodeKind::KindInfo ASTNodeKind::AllKindInfo[] = {
{NKI_None, "<None>"},
{NKI_None, "TemplateArgument"},
{NKI_None, "TemplateArgumentLoc"},
{NKI_None, "LambdaCapture"},
{NKI_None, "TemplateName"},
{NKI_None, "NestedNameSpecifierLoc"},
{NKI_None, "QualType"},
#include "clang/AST/TypeLocNodes.def"
{NKI_None, "TypeLoc"},
{NKI_None, "CXXBaseSpecifier"},
{NKI_None, "CXXCtorInitializer"},
{NKI_None, "NestedNameSpecifier"},
{NKI_None, "Decl"},
#define DECL(DERIVED, BASE) { NKI_##BASE, #DERIVED "Decl" },
#include "clang/AST/"
{NKI_None, "Stmt"},
#include "clang/AST/"
{NKI_None, "Type"},
#define TYPE(DERIVED, BASE) { NKI_##BASE, #DERIVED "Type" },
#include "clang/AST/"
{NKI_None, "OMPClause"},
#define CLAUSE_CLASS(Enum, Str, Class) {NKI_OMPClause, #Class},
#include "llvm/Frontend/OpenMP/"
{NKI_None, "Attr"},
#define ATTR(A) {NKI_Attr, #A "Attr"},
#include "clang/Basic/"
bool ASTNodeKind::isBaseOf(ASTNodeKind Other, unsigned *Distance) const {
return isBaseOf(KindId, Other.KindId, Distance);
bool ASTNodeKind::isBaseOf(NodeKindId Base, NodeKindId Derived,
unsigned *Distance) {
if (Base == NKI_None || Derived == NKI_None) return false;
unsigned Dist = 0;
while (Derived != Base && Derived != NKI_None) {
Derived = AllKindInfo[Derived].ParentId;
if (Distance)
*Distance = Dist;
return Derived == Base;
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getCladeKind() const {
NodeKindId LastId = KindId;
while (LastId) {
NodeKindId ParentId = AllKindInfo[LastId].ParentId;
if (ParentId == NKI_None)
return LastId;
LastId = ParentId;
return NKI_None;
StringRef ASTNodeKind::asStringRef() const { return AllKindInfo[KindId].Name; }
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getMostDerivedType(ASTNodeKind Kind1,
ASTNodeKind Kind2) {
if (Kind1.isBaseOf(Kind2)) return Kind2;
if (Kind2.isBaseOf(Kind1)) return Kind1;
return ASTNodeKind();
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getMostDerivedCommonAncestor(ASTNodeKind Kind1,
ASTNodeKind Kind2) {
NodeKindId Parent = Kind1.KindId;
while (!isBaseOf(Parent, Kind2.KindId, nullptr) && Parent != NKI_None) {
Parent = AllKindInfo[Parent].ParentId;
return ASTNodeKind(Parent);
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getFromNode(const Decl &D) {
switch (D.getKind()) {
case Decl::DERIVED: return ASTNodeKind(NKI_##DERIVED##Decl);
#include "clang/AST/"
llvm_unreachable("invalid decl kind");
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getFromNode(const Stmt &S) {
switch (S.getStmtClass()) {
case Stmt::NoStmtClass: return NKI_None;
case Stmt::CLASS##Class: return ASTNodeKind(NKI_##CLASS);
#include "clang/AST/"
llvm_unreachable("invalid stmt kind");
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getFromNode(const Type &T) {
switch (T.getTypeClass()) {
#define TYPE(Class, Base) \
case Type::Class: return ASTNodeKind(NKI_##Class##Type);
#define ABSTRACT_TYPE(Class, Base)
#include "clang/AST/"
llvm_unreachable("invalid type kind");
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getFromNode(const TypeLoc &T) {
switch (T.getTypeLocClass()) {
case TypeLoc::CLASS: \
return ASTNodeKind(NKI_##CLASS##TypeLoc);
#include "clang/AST/TypeLocNodes.def"
llvm_unreachable("invalid typeloc kind");
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getFromNode(const OMPClause &C) {
switch (C.getClauseKind()) {
#define CLAUSE_CLASS(Enum, Str, Class) \
case llvm::omp::Clause::Enum: \
return ASTNodeKind(NKI_##Class);
#define CLAUSE_NO_CLASS(Enum, Str) \
case llvm::omp::Clause::Enum: \
llvm_unreachable("unexpected OpenMP clause kind");
#include "llvm/Frontend/OpenMP/"
llvm_unreachable("invalid omp clause kind");
ASTNodeKind ASTNodeKind::getFromNode(const Attr &A) {
switch (A.getKind()) {
#define ATTR(A) \
case attr::A: \
return ASTNodeKind(NKI_##A##Attr);
#include "clang/Basic/"
llvm_unreachable("invalid attr kind");
void DynTypedNode::print(llvm::raw_ostream &OS,
const PrintingPolicy &PP) const {
if (const TemplateArgument *TA = get<TemplateArgument>())
TA->print(PP, OS, /*IncludeType*/ true);
else if (const TemplateArgumentLoc *TAL = get<TemplateArgumentLoc>())
TAL->getArgument().print(PP, OS, /*IncludeType*/ true);
else if (const TemplateName *TN = get<TemplateName>())
TN->print(OS, PP);
else if (const NestedNameSpecifier *NNS = get<NestedNameSpecifier>())
NNS->print(OS, PP);
else if (const NestedNameSpecifierLoc *NNSL = get<NestedNameSpecifierLoc>()) {
if (const NestedNameSpecifier *NNS = NNSL->getNestedNameSpecifier())
NNS->print(OS, PP);
OS << "(empty NestedNameSpecifierLoc)";
} else if (const QualType *QT = get<QualType>())
QT->print(OS, PP);
else if (const TypeLoc *TL = get<TypeLoc>())
TL->getType().print(OS, PP);
else if (const Decl *D = get<Decl>())
D->print(OS, PP);
else if (const Stmt *S = get<Stmt>())
S->printPretty(OS, nullptr, PP);
else if (const Type *T = get<Type>())
QualType(T, 0).print(OS, PP);
else if (const Attr *A = get<Attr>())
A->printPretty(OS, PP);
OS << "Unable to print values of type " << NodeKind.asStringRef() << "\n";
void DynTypedNode::dump(llvm::raw_ostream &OS,
const ASTContext &Context) const {
if (const Decl *D = get<Decl>())
else if (const Stmt *S = get<Stmt>())
S->dump(OS, Context);
else if (const Type *T = get<Type>())
T->dump(OS, Context);
OS << "Unable to dump values of type " << NodeKind.asStringRef() << "\n";
SourceRange DynTypedNode::getSourceRange() const {
if (const CXXCtorInitializer *CCI = get<CXXCtorInitializer>())
return CCI->getSourceRange();
if (const NestedNameSpecifierLoc *NNSL = get<NestedNameSpecifierLoc>())
return NNSL->getSourceRange();
if (const TypeLoc *TL = get<TypeLoc>())
return TL->getSourceRange();
if (const Decl *D = get<Decl>())
return D->getSourceRange();
if (const Stmt *S = get<Stmt>())
return S->getSourceRange();
if (const TemplateArgumentLoc *TAL = get<TemplateArgumentLoc>())
return TAL->getSourceRange();
if (const auto *C = get<OMPClause>())
return SourceRange(C->getBeginLoc(), C->getEndLoc());
if (const auto *CBS = get<CXXBaseSpecifier>())
return CBS->getSourceRange();
if (const auto *A = get<Attr>())
return A->getRange();
return SourceRange();