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-*- llvm/utils/vim/README -*-
This directory contains settings for the vim editor to work on llvm *.ll and
tablegen *.td files. It comes with filetype detection rules in the (ftdetect),
syntax highlighting (syntax), some minimal sensible default settings (ftplugin)
and indentation plugins (indent).
To install copy all subdirectories to your $HOME/.vim or if you prefer create
symlinks to the files here. Do not copy the vimrc file here it is only meant as
an inspiration and starting point for those working on llvm c++ code.
Note: If you notice missing or incorrect syntax highlighting, please contact
<llvm-bugs [at]>; if you wish to provide a patch to improve the
functionality, it will be most appreciated. Thank you.
If you find yourself working with LLVM Makefiles often, but you don't get syntax
highlighting (because the files have names such as Makefile.rules or
TEST.nightly.Makefile), add the following to your ~/.vimrc:
" LLVM Makefile highlighting mode
augroup filetype
au! BufRead,BufNewFile *Makefile* set filetype=make
augroup END