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// RUN: mlir-opt -llvm-legalize-for-export %s | FileCheck %s
// Verifies that duplicate successor with different arguments are deduplicated
// by introducing a new block that forwards its arguments to the original
// successor through an unconditional branch.
// CHECK-LABEL: @repeated_successor_different_args
llvm.func @repeated_successor_different_args(%arg0: i1, %arg1: i32, %arg2: i32) {
// CHECK: llvm.cond_br %{{.*}}, ^[[BB1:.*]]({{.*}}), ^[[BB2:.*]]({{.*}})
llvm.cond_br %arg0, ^bb1(%arg1: i32), ^bb1(%arg2: i32)
// CHECK: ^[[BB1]]({{.*}}):
^bb1(%arg3: i32):
// CHECK: ^[[BB2]](%[[ARG:.*]]: i32):
// CHECK: ^[[BB1]](%[[ARG]] : i32)
// Verifies that duplicate successors without arguments do not lead to the
// introduction of new blocks during legalization.
// CHECK-LABEL: @repeated_successor_no_args
llvm.func @repeated_successor_no_args(%arg0: i1) {
// CHECK: llvm.cond_br
llvm.cond_br %arg0, ^bb1, ^bb1
// CHECK: ^{{.*}}:
// CHECK-NOT: ^{{.*}}: