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<title>Polly - The available LLVM passes</title>
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<h1>The available LLVM passes</h1>
<p>Polly consists of a set of LLVM passes. </p>
<h2>Front End</h2>
<li><em>polly-canonicalize</em> Prepare code for Polly</li>
<li><em>polly-detect</em> Detect SCoPs in functions</li>
<li><em>polly-scops</em> Create polyhedral description of SCoPs</li>
<h2>Middle End</h2>
<li><em>polly-dependences</em> Calculate the dependences in a SCoPs</li>
<li><em>polly-opt-isl</em> Optimize the SCoP using isl</li>
<li><em>polly-export-jscop</em> Export SCoPs as JSON
(Writes a .jscop file for each SCoP)</li>
<li><em>polly-import-jscop</em> Import SCoPs from JSON
(Reads a .jscop file for each SCoP)</li>
<li><em>dot-scops</em> Print SCoPs of function</li>
<li><em>dot-scops-only</em> Print SCoPs of function (without function bodies)</li>
<li><em>view-scops</em> View SCoPs of function</li>
<li><em>view-scops-only</em> View SCoPs of function (without function bodies)</li>
<h2>Back End</h2>
<li><em>polly-ast</em> Execute isl code generation</li>
<li><em>polly-codegen</em> Create LLVM-IR from the polyhedral information</li>