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  1. AArch64.cmake
  2. AIX.cmake
  3. Apple.cmake
  4. Armv7Arm.cmake
  5. Armv7Thumb-noexceptions.cmake
  6. Armv8Arm.cmake
  7. Armv8Thumb-noexceptions.cmake
  8. FreeBSD.cmake
  9. Generic-32bits.cmake
  10. Generic-asan.cmake
  11. Generic-assertions.cmake
  12. Generic-cxx03.cmake
  13. Generic-cxx11.cmake
  14. Generic-cxx14.cmake
  15. Generic-cxx17.cmake
  16. Generic-cxx20.cmake
  17. Generic-cxx2b.cmake
  18. Generic-debug-iterators.cmake
  19. Generic-modules.cmake
  20. Generic-msan.cmake
  21. Generic-no-debug.cmake
  22. Generic-no-filesystem.cmake
  23. Generic-no-localization.cmake
  24. Generic-no-random_device.cmake
  25. Generic-no-unicode.cmake
  26. Generic-no-wide-characters.cmake
  27. Generic-noexceptions.cmake
  28. Generic-singlethreaded.cmake
  29. Generic-static.cmake
  30. Generic-tsan.cmake
  31. Generic-ubsan.cmake
  32. MinGW.cmake

libc++ / libc++abi configuration caches

This directory contains CMake caches for the supported configurations of libc++. Some of the configurations are specific to a vendor, others are generic and not tied to any vendor.

While we won't explicitly work to break configurations not listed here, any configuration not listed here is not explicitly supported. If you use or ship libc++ under a configuration not listed here, you should work with the libc++ maintainers to make it into a supported configuration and add it here.

Similarly, adding any new configuration that's not already covered must be discussed with the libc++ maintainers as it entails a maintenance burden.